Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Come sit beside me
Tell me what you wish for
Lets talk about all the details
Even the small ones
That you think might not matter

Lets dig into your wish
We will hold hands
And wish your wish together

For a wish to come true
It has to start moving
That will start with me and you
Wishing our wishes together

So sit beside me
Look deep into my eyes
And tell me
What is it you wish for?


Kolleen said...

oh my dear dear friend...

i can't wait to sit with you and talk about our wishes.

i can. not. wait!

i adore you and love you so much


kellybarton said...

love the dandelion and remembering
blowing on it as a kid, making wishes

Louise Gale "Dream-Inspire-Create" said...

So beautiful, and I'm so happy I stopped by today to read another of your lovely poems. Thank you xx said...

Very inspiring... Lets make a wish together! :]

Ella said...

Your dandelion catched my eyes as my blog is called Dandelion. I have read some of your poems and they have also catched me, thanks.