Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love Notes

Do you dread going to your mailbox?
Knowing all that is going to be in there is bills and junk mail

Do you love it when you order something and it will arrive from the postman
Eagerly awaiting for that little package that will brighten up the phone bill and the valupak coupons

Our mailbox is a sacred space where things from afar arrive right at our doorstep
A tangible something that we can hold onto

When we open the little door of our mailbox
We never now what is going to be there

Bills, catalogs, and advertisements seem to find their way
But I want to invite you to bring a little sunshine to your mailbox

An idea has been blooming over here
Involving words shared and happy mail arriving right at your doorstep

A little piece of life that you can hold in your hand
Tuck in your pocket, or carry along with you

Words of wisdom arriving at your doorstep
And I would love for you to join in

The Love Notes project will be launching soon
Head on over to HERE to sign up to hear all about it

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The creative bonds of friendship stringing us together
Sharing stories, listening to each others heart beats
Cheering from the sidelines
Pushing, nudging, helping each other to keep going on

There is much joy and light
Held deep within these creative fires
Sparks igniting, ideas flourishing
Dreaming, laughing, caring

There is heart and soul
Hope, hugs, and hand holding
Nourshment and tender care
Friendship, living and breathing

Life brings around individuals who get us once in a while
We must hold these individuals tenderly
Grasp onto their light
And nurture one another

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

mistakes were made

There was a lesson she needed to learn hidden deep inside of there
About kindness, patience, and using the correct words
Emotions build up inside of her, and then she cracks
Thoughts falling violently out of her mouth
Unable to catch them to regroup and reword
Feelings are hurt
Mistakes made
The things she said cannot be unheard

From a distance she sees how wrong she was
How she needs to slow down
Think before she speaks
Not let it all build up inside of her

This lesson will continue to present itself to her until she gets it
Time and time again it will rise up
This time she pauses
Apologizes for what has happened
Focuses on the hurt that was caused
Etches a plan in her head to create a new way

Thursday, May 10, 2012

the road I have traveled

Gratitude is overflowing from my heart after an incredibly magical day.  Dustin and I ventured into Brooklyn for a night of storytelling with Jen Lee and Jolie.  We arrived early, which was wonderful.  We had time to explore the area, check out a couple of local shops, and slip into a new restaurant.  The expected rain had held off, and we roamed the streets hand in hand, happy to be in each others company.

We gathered around the table with like minded souls to soak in the stories that Jen and Jolie told.  It was magical sitting in the dimly lit room next to Dustin, listening to these two souls speak.  Their stories spoke to my heart and I picked up some of their words, placing them gently in my pocket so that I wouldn't forget them.   

Sitting around that table I was in awe.  When I first started 'giggling in the rain' I could not have dreamed up the doors my blog would open for me.  Never in a million years could I have imagined all of the beautiful adventures it would take me on.  But it has.  And there I was sitting around a table with these incredible individuals in Brooklyn.  My heart was exploding with joy.     

I am so grateful I took the risk of creating this space that day in May of 2005.  I had no idea what I was doing or even what blogging was all about it. I thought it would be a great new way to pair my photos and words together, and so I began. 

Here I am, six years later and the journey has been incredible.  I have met the most amazing individuals who are now dear friends.  I have gone on beautiful adventures.  I finally learned and embraced that I am a writer.  I saw new places.  I grew and grew and grew.  My heart expanded, my confidence developed and I healed the shy girl that was living inside me.  I learned so much about myself and am so proud of how far I have come.

Without 'giggling in the rain' I am not sure where I would be.  Like any relationship we have had our ups and downs.  Moments when I was to busy to be around and other moments when we spent so much time together.  But always she was here for me, like an old friend.  Ready to hold my words and my heart at a moments notice. 

Today I sit here with an enormous smile on my face, feeling so much love, gratitude, and happiness.  I am grateful for each of you,, who show up here with me and gently hold my hand.  Because of each of you I have learned that I am not alone in this great big world.  Together we stand, besides one another, cheering, encouraging, loving.  Thank you!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

a moment to breathe

Have you stopped recently and looked down
Saw what was right below your eyes
Took a moment to see what you were just about to step on

Have you stopped and listened to the words your heart are speaking
Really heard what they are saying
Giving them a chance to share their ideas and inspiration

Have you given yourself a moment to slow down
Put your feet up and rest
Freeing some space for you to breathe

The world is constantly spinning
We are always in motion trying to keep up
Sometimes running in a full out sprint

Today is the day to slow down
Sink deeply into a comfy chair
Give yourself some time to just be with your thoughts

Day dream of far of places you would like to visit
Write about your wildest dreams
Let go into who you are

Thursday, May 03, 2012


It was her heart she had to listen to
It was her voice that she had to learn to use
It was her hands that she had to create with

Right here in this moment she had to trust
Trust that she is exactly where she is supposed to be
Trust the music singing in her heart
Trust that she will make it through this journey.

With each step she gains courage
Shedding fear
Standing boldly in who she is