Friday, April 30, 2010

I sat

I sat here
and tried to write it out of me

I sat here
and tried to push myself to get it all out

All of it
Until there was nothing left

But there are words still inside me
That never found their way to the paper

There are words still inside of me
That feel stuck, unable to move

I still sit here
Wondering how to get them out
Wondering how to free myself of them

I sit here
The words swirling around deep inside of me
Swirling, swirling, swirling

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The moment

On the surface you can only see so much
You can look into someones eyes
Feel their arms as they wrap them around you
Listen to their laughter
And smile with them

But deeper than that lives so much more
The things that make them smile inside
Fill their lives with joy
The things they do not share with just anyone

But if you wait long enough
If you are patient
Kind and caring
They may just surprise you
And open up

You may find out about their love for reading
Their joy of being on stage
Or their desire to move back "home"

You may see a side of them you never knew was their
The one they keep safely concealed
Until they know you
Until they trust you

When someone shares these pieces of themselves with you
Your heart opens up a little bit more for them
You see a side of them you never knew was their
And feel privileged to witness it

Because of who you are
They felt comfortable enough to just be themselves
And that is a piece of what makes this life so beautiful
The connection that two people make
The moment when two souls share pieces of themselves with each other

Sunday, April 25, 2010


A small four letter word that holds so much within it
hope, hope, hope
There are many things in this world that I "hope" for

When things we hope for do not happen
We are left feeling disappointed, sad, and most likely upset
When things we hope for do happen
We are elated, filled with joy, and overwhelmed with happiness

Two different emotions stemming from one common thing

Is it worth it?
To hope for something?
To dream about it, envision what life would be like if it happen?
It is good to get excited about it, even though we do not know the outcome?

The potential let down can be devastating
But the thrill of it happening is joyous

So do you hold onto hope?
The feeling that what is wanted can be had?
Do you believe and trust that your desires will unfold before you?
Do you put your guard down and surrender to the potential of the unknown?

I know I do

** ~ are you hoping for anything these days?  if you are I would love to hear about it. ~ **

Friday, April 23, 2010

One Another

We were all there together
Gathered in one place
Each on own journey
Going through our own struggles
Celebrating our own successes
Each of us living our own lives

The Oregon Coast brought us to one another
Gave us the opportunity to slow down
Unearth ourselves
Let go of some of the things we were holding onto
Bring us back to who we are

It gave us the chance to see each other
Look deep into each others eyes
Embrace, hold hands, laugh, smile, and shed tears
It gave us so much more than we ever expected

Friendships were made
Life long bonds were formed
And each of us know we have little cheerleaders out there
Shaking their pom poms for our successes
Wiping our tears and standing beside us in our struggles
Always there for each other

Four days changed our lives forever
We are able to stand a little taller
Lean on each other for support
And know in our hearts we are there
Present for one another

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Not sure where I am
With my eyes closed
Ending up in unknown places
Not even sure how I arrived 

My strength has diminished
My smile has been lost
I can not seem to remember
And yet I can not seem to forget

Where am I?
How did I get here?
How do I get home?

Sunday, April 18, 2010


If only you could see yourself
The way others see you

Even if it was 
For just a brief moment

If only you could see
The joy you bring
and the love you spread
by simply being you

All the pieces of you
Including the messy ones
and the ones not all together
All of them are you

It is all of these pieces 
That others love
And adore in you

And if only 
Could see and feel that 
Through their eyes

Then you would see
How incredible you really are
Just because you are YOU

Feeling the same

Sometimes we do not realize
how far we have come
until we take a step back
and look at where we were a year ago

I took a trip into my past
Looking back to April 16, 2009
What amazed me
was what I posted then
is so appropriate for how I feel today

So I am going to let those words
do the talking today
Because they speak so clearly
What I feel in my heart

Friday, April 16, 2010


She smiled
Because the world was so beautiful
And she was living in it

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cut deeply

Our eyes met
For a brief moment
The world stopped around me
The laughter from a few feet away
The sound of the someone walking up behind me
The worry of how I was going to get all of this done
All of it was silenced when our eyes interlocked and you waved

My hear skipped a beat
Butterflies filled my stomach
A smile formed across my checks

All of this may sound heavenly
But oh
How I wish it did not happen
I wish I could walk past you and feel

But I do
I feel it
It cuts me deep inside
And I must continue on
As if it were a normal day

Sunday, April 11, 2010


It does not have to be large
Huge or substantial
It does not have to take up a lot of time
Or extreme dedication

It can be as simple as extending a hand
Taking a moment to listen
Letting the person behind you go first
Or simply just smiling at a stranger

It is these small moments 
That make such a huge difference
The unexpected thoughtfulness 
The unanticipated kind remark

Something so tiny for you
Could mean the world to someone else
Brighten someones day
Remind them that there is still good in the world

So, I dare you
To take take that moment
And do something for someone else
Remember it is the smallest actions that lead to great things

*I would love to hear all about the kindness you are spreading to others
Lets sprinkle it all around so it sparkles like glitter* 

Thursday, April 08, 2010


She wonders what it was that brought her here
To this moment
To this feeling
To this deep need to feel more

She wonders if she will ever know
If she will ever get it right
If she will ever be able to trust that little voice
If her heart will ever know her true calling

She wonders why it can be so tough at times
Why the struggles seem never ending
Why the tears pour down her cheek
Why she feels so alone

She knows that she is deeply loved
She is seen and accepted
She is filled with magic and joy
She is surrounded by support

She stands
Feet planted firmly on the ground
Standing tall
Head held high
This is her moment
And she knows she must continue on

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I must

I must show up
Put pen to paper
Be in the moment
Let my heart and soul speak

I must let it flow through me
The secret words longing to be expressed
No longer holding onto them

I must be flexible
Let my hand take me where my heart wants to go
Never questioning why

I must be brave
And trust the process
Simply moving right along

I must be