Sunday, July 29, 2012


The rain my pour
But there is always beauty to be found

What beauty surounds you today

Thursday, July 26, 2012

beauty is within us

We can quickly look at others lives and think they are so perfect, so right, so organized
But we are only getting a glimpse at their stories
We do not know what is underneath
The scars and heartache 
Wounds that haven't healed and struggles that can feel like quicksand 
It can be easy to see only the good things 
To wish for the perceived perfection 
But their is no such thing as perfection
There is only perception and our inablitiy
To accept and appreciate the divine beauty that lives withn each of us

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Because we are all struggling in some way
Unsure of the next step to take
Questioning the one we just took
Looking forward with hope and fear

Because we all do not do it as quickly as we planned
Good intentions set
Life flying by
Guilt building up over the delay

Because none of us are perfect
All we can do is try each day
Sometimes we do not try as hard, and that is ok
Other days we push forward, full force

Because sometimes we do not get it right
We may do it again
We may never even think about trying
Or we may accept it turned out as it should

Because the world didn't give up on you
So don't give up on the world
Hold on tight and reach out slightly
Feel the gentle nudge to move

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


You must seek out the beauty in the every day moments
Things change quickly
Stay present
Stay true
Keep moving forward

Sunday, July 15, 2012

see you soon

What you should know
Is that I am terrible at saying goodbye
Especially when a good friend is leaving
I usually avoid it, quietly slipping away
Unsure of what to say in those last few moments

It feels to permanent to me
It is tough to see it all change
Here one day, gone the next
Daily routines altered
Life moving on at a quick pace

My life has recently changed
A good friend from work is going on a new adventure
I am proud of him for making the leap
Excited to see what doors will be opening up for him
But I am sad to see him go

We had great conversations
We kept each other in check and grounded
And he talked me down form the ledge a couple of times
We got coffee together every morning
And shared more than a few lunches

He was a part of my daily routine
A constant in the ever changing dynamic at work
We would talk, and listen
Dig deep, and laugh
We became good friends

It is going to be different tomorrow morning
When I walk down the hallway seeing his empty desk
Knowing he is off learning, growing, becoming
I am proud of him, and excited for him
And wish him the best of luck on his new adventure

Life moves by quickly
Constantly changing
It is important to appreciate the moments
Right when you are in them, stop and soak them in
Because one day it will be different

And as you know
I am terrible at saying goodbye
So we didn't say it
Instead we said
See you soon

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I am a creative thinker, and feeler
I am a writer
Doing creative work, and placing my words on paper
Feeds my soul and ignites my spirit

There are times I am fearful of saying that out loud
Gently hiding those layers of me right below the surface
Afraid to boldly show this artist self that I am
Feeling it doesn't really fit into this blazing world

But once a conversation begins about creating
My shoulders ease, my eyes light up, I instantly feel lighter
Delving deep into the conversation
Feeling at home in the creative world

Today I am sharing my thoughts of embracing this artist self
No longer stowing her away in the closet
But bringing her out to play, day after day
Giving her space to breathe, and soak in the creative sunshine of the world

Please hop over to your heart makes a difference 
And boldly claim your own artist self today
Together we will stand along side one another
As we peel back the layers and embrace our true calling

Saturday, July 07, 2012

colors of your world

You are holding the paint brush in your hands
Pick it up and the paint your world the way you want it to look
Let your hand and heart guide your journey
As you splash the colors around

Thursday, July 05, 2012

I have learned

I am learning that we are all on a journey
Searching for the things that move us
The moments that wake us up, and make us feel alive

I am learning that time moves quickly
If we do not stop for a moment and appreciate it
It is gone, in the blink of an eye

I am learning that we will face hard times
We will push through
And we will come out on top, one step at a time

I am learning that love can move mountains
Patience is important
We need to stand along side one another, sharing our love

I am learning that there is joy in the every day
Sometimes hidden
Just needing to be uncovered, and tended to

I am learning that kindness makes this world thrive
We need to help each other
Show we care, it all brings life to this world

I am learning new things 
Every single day
Through the opportunities I receive, and the people I encounter

I am learning
And you are to
What have you learned lately, share it with us here

Sunday, July 01, 2012

i begin...

I begin...
To see that I need to slow down
Stop, find my soul
Sit with my thoughts
Just be

I begin...
To see that I have to be kind with love
I can not push and pull
Laughter, hugs, deep embraces
Make love flourish

I begin...
Digging deep into who I am
Embracing my true calling
Following my heart
Shining bravely in the light

I begin...
To love who I am
Share my love with others
Give space for others to be,
As they and I are

I begin...
Living, breathing deeply
Digging into who I am
Letting go of expectation
Shedding layers of hurt

I begin...
Each day with my heart open
Ready to embrace the world
Seeking joy
And giggling in the rain

I begin...
And again
And again

Writing prompt inspired by the Inner Excavate Along with Liz Lamoreux