Sunday, July 31, 2011

the only way I know how

I open up to the world
Showing my vulnerable pieces
Doing this enables me to connect more deeply with others
It brings me closer to them
Gives me a chance to feel and be free
It is a beautiful thing

There were moments in my life when I was deep in the fire
Pushed down into the gutter
My heart torn to shreds
Dark skies covering my world
There were moments I wasn't sure if I would make it

But I always did
The hurt doesn't stop me
The pain that was there doesn't hold me back
I keep pushing forward
Holding my heart in the palm of my hands

I share my most vulnerable pieces
I am not afraid to take a risk
Show my emotions
Feel the world

I stand deeply in the unknown
My past does not dictate my future happiness
I let go
Releasing that which no longer serves me

I raise my head up towards the sun
Wishing for the best
And taking the leap

One may think this is a dangerous way to live
But it is the only way I know how
Risking my heart
Daring to dream
Feeling my way through the world

Saturday, July 30, 2011

the path I have been walking

I have not shown up here in awhile
And I am not really sure where I have been
Writing is my landing place
Where I show up to just be
Putting everything on the page that comes to mind
But my creative juices have seemed to come to a grinding halt
I have been wrapped up in work
Pouring my creativity into Power Point animations
I need to shift
I need to feed my creative fire
Let it shine brightly
Continue to put words to paper
And photograph the world around me
I hope to show up here more often
And share with you the musings from my soul

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

step into the light

Do not be fearful of stepping into the light
Making mistakes
Moving forward
Pushing yourself a little harder than you thought you could go

You are so much stronger than you realize
You deserve to shine
The world is your blank canvas to paint on
And it wants to hear the songs you sing

This holding back does not serve you
You need to let go
Break free
Bust a move and boogie

You are not always going to get it right
And that is ok
But you have to take the chance
Be brave, put yourself out there

Saturday, July 23, 2011

through the journey

My heart has been hanging in mid air
Self doubt creeping in
After sensing that I wasn't being heard
I was lost
Unsure how to begin

I reached out for help
But got knocked down
I felt defeated
Unsure of myself
And not cut out for what I was doing

But for some reason I am lucky
And angels surround me
Lifting me up gently
Holding my hand
And encouraging me along the way

While trying to navigate my way on this path
I was opened up to a new way of thinking
Pushed forward
and listened to by my angels

My spirits were lifted
My footing was regained
And the walls of self doubt came crumbling down
As I created and produced something pretty cool

I learned so much through this journey
And am so proud of what I have accomplished
Without my angels I would still be lost
Struggling to navigate through this on my own
But my heart is held gently by those who surround me
And for this I am incredibly grateful

Thursday, July 14, 2011

let the sun shine in

I have been shutting down
I know it
I feel it
I see myself do it

I do not like being here
In this place where I am unhappy
Closing myself off
Allowing the darkness to creep in

There is sunlight surrounding me
Holding my hand
Listening to my concerns
But yet I linger on this dark path

I need to break myself free
Open up
Embrace the uncomfortable
Submerge myself in the unknowing
Reach out

I need to let go
Allow myself to fall
Give this energy a voice
And set it free

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


There are many times I question
What is real in this world
What is our purpose for being here
What is it we are meant to be doing

Today those questions were answered
I saw and experienced what life is all about

Connecting with each other
Creating memories
Telling stories
Laughing about the past, the good times and the bad
Expressing appreciation
Drying tears from each others eyes
Standing next to one another
Holding hands
Giving a hug, and deeply feeling the embrace

It was a sad day
But there was so much love
The support that was shown for one another
Opened my heart
And showed me that life is about being there
In the moment with each other
Soaking it in
Appreciating the beauty
And fully living this life

We need one another
In times of sadness and in times of joy
We need to laugh with each other
Go for walks
Open our hearts
Do silly things
Cry when we need to
And just be there
With each other
And for each other

Life is such a mystery
Nothing is guaranteed
And nothing is certain
But right here, right now
We can just be who we are
And fall deeply into the connections
That encircle us
These friendships that fill our life with love

Sunday, July 10, 2011

. . .

Traces of you still lingers here
Even when I thought the last piece of you were gone
A memory surfaces
An image so real makes its way across my mind
And I am right back in that moment

Thursday, July 07, 2011

setting the table

What is it you are looking to create?
What mark do you want to leave on the world?
The table is empty
Ready for you to set it
With whatever way you desire

How do you want to invite people in?
So that they come and sit down, staying awhile
To share their dreams
Whisper their inner most desires
And work together to scheme up ideas to make them come true

There are no rules
Nothing is off limits
The table is clean
Ready to be created upon

What do you want to create here?
How will you bring yourself to the table?

being present

All to often we want to rush things along
Push them through as quickly as we can
Never really giving it the thought or the moment that it needs
To grow
To evolve
To just be
We have learned to want things now
And not let them naturally progress
Stew into what they can become
We have become so impatient with the process
Only craving results

By doing this we miss the lessons along the way
We miss learning how things come together
How they bend and form into a new shapes
We also miss our chance to just be
In that uncomfortable place
Allowing the uncertainty of life to propel us

You cannot force things to happen
Or create the perfect situation for something to grow and bloom
All you can do
Is just be, in the moment
Open to the idea that anything is possible
If you give it space and room to grow and breathe

When you try to hold on tightly
When you try to force the situation
Then you have lost
You have to just be
Exactly where you are
Learning from the uncomfortable feelings
Leaning into the uncertainty
And trusting that it will unfold just as it is meant to
You have to just be present in the world

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

summer fun

I have not been around here all that often lately
Which leaves me to missing all of you
But it is summer time
And as soon as the air starts to warm up
My feet find there way outside
And it is hard to get them back in
I have been soaking in all the beauty
That summer time has to offer
And my pen has been on vacation
From making its way across the paper
Maybe it will return soon
Well rested
And ready to write
Until then I will continue to soak it all in

Monday, July 04, 2011

the moments

It is the small unexpected moments in life
The ones that naturally unfold
Simply because you are living the life you are meant to be living
When you are doing that
Life opens up to you
The sun shines down
The warm air caresses your face
And you soak it all in
Moment after moment
You live it
Breathe it in
Feel deep in your soul how lucky you are
And know that you are traveling down the right path