Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Be you

There are moments when we stand alone
Deep in our own thoughts
Swimming in our own desires
Wondering if anyone understands what moves us

We feel like an outsider to the world
Never really fitting in

Fall deeply into those feelings
Dive intensely into who you are
Tumble passionately into that song whispering to you
Because this is the voice that knows you best

With your heart open
Your soul smiling
And your hands embracing all that you know

You will soon realize you are not alone
Angels are holding you
Smiling great big smiles
And cheering you on

Be exactly who are
Because there is no one else like you
The world needs you
And the magic that you generate

Book Fairy ~ Update

After I spread my book fairy wings
And left "Ordinary Sparkling Moments" in the park
I wondered about who it was that scooped up this treasure
Did they appreciate it?
Did they share it with anyone?
Were they excited to find it, or was it just another thing to them?
These questions always filled my mind

I was never sure my questions would be answered
I figured it would just be a mystery
One I would never solve

But I was wrong
I would find out all about the stunning soul who scoped it up
And even though I never met her
She would touch my heart in an incredible way

My book fairy wings spread wide open
And Swirly's treasure landed right in Yvonne's hands
You can read all about it here
But let me warn you
You may want to grab a tissue first

It is incredible what magic can unfold
Even between complete strangers
The world works in such a beautiful way

Thursday, May 20, 2010


In this moment I am so grateful for all the photographs I have
They take me back to moments I have forgotten
Memories stored deep down are brought to life again
They make me smile
Fill my eyes with tears
They remind me of all the moments it took to get me here today

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'll allow myself...

~ to love but understand that this will crack me open
~ to cry but not let sadness lead me through each day
~ to be angry but not hold a grudge against another
~ to play but still make space to explore what is in my my heart and soul
~ to do what I want but show respect for all that surrounds me
~ to have what I want but not hold onto the things I do not need
~ to let go but keep in my heart the stories that brought me here
~ to be loved but not rely on another's love for my own happiness
~ to feel good but still work within myself to evolve

What will you allow yourself?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Breathe in, Breath out

Breathe in
Feel your lungs expand as the air enters
Hold onto this breathe for a moment
Grasp the fullness this breathe creates within you
Explore how deeply it fills you up
Examine the strength it provides you
To take that next step into yourself

Breathe out
Slowly release the air that was filling you up
Free all that was holding you back
Release all that was not what you thought it was
Feel yourself becoming grounded as you let go

Breath in
Close your eyes
Relax your mind
Soak in the sounds around you
Be present to the moment

Breath out
Open your eyes
See the world again for what it is
Sunshine, beauty, love, compassion

Breathe in
Breathe out

Thursday, May 06, 2010

The next chapter

What if it was you who was choosing what was going to happen in the next chapter?
What if it was your hand that was doing the writing?

Where would you be?
And who would be by your side?

Would your next chapter be an adventure
a love story, a comedy
Or something extraordinary?

When people delve into the words will they be laughing
Crying, or a little of both
Will they be surprised by how it ends?

What will you be going through, struggling with, achieving?
Who will you be hugging, kissing, and holding hands with?

You are holding the pen
Your heart and soul are ready
What will you write?
Where will your story take you?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Sitting together
Paint tubes scattered on the floor
Brushes filled with an array of colors
A maze of painting goodness is spread throughout the room

The conversation flows easily
With moments of peaceful silence scattered in
As we each delve into our own ideas
Our own thoughts, our own place of comfort

One theme among us
Yet each creating our own interpretation
Putting our own spin on it

Coming together
To share our joy of creating
To embrace the artist within us
To cheer each other on

Coming together
To witness each other bloom