Thursday, June 23, 2005

Summer Adventures

Aruba Beach, originally uploaded by sunflowers131.

The sun is shining
the warm weather is here
The stars are out
and the moon is bright

Soak up the sun
Enjoy the night air

For a little while the heat is here
let your skin soak it up

Enjoy conversations with the night sky
there is so much it has to say

Let the sun guide you
and let the moon be your dreams

Explore the outdoors
embrace the comfort of nature

For the short time summer is here
let your heart go
and enjoy the places it takes you!

I am sure you will enjoy many new adventures
Along your path smile with whats to come!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Same Sky

Palm Tree Moon, Aruba, originally uploaded by sunflowers131.

Nothing amazes me more then the night sky. I constanly find myself tripping over something, or walking into something because I am looking up.

It is so fascinating that I can look up into the sky and see the same thing that someone millions of miles, or even a block away can see.

We tend to think at times that we are so different from everyone else, and that no one understands us. Yet we are all pretty much the same. Most of us have the same fears and worries. We all think we are not good enough, do not do enough, or just aren't enough. The fact remains though that we are enough, we have enough, and everything will be ok.

Just look up into the night sky and realize that somewhere someone is feeling just like you are. We all live under the same sky. And we all sing with the same voice. :)

Monday, June 13, 2005


IMG_0351, originally uploaded by sunflowers131.

Have you ever had so much you wanted to say to a person, but never had the opportunity to say it? You wonder "if only I had said this I would feel so much better." But will we really feel better? Will anything ever really change?

We think our words may change how somone feels or thinks. Yet our words are our own thoughts, ideas, and feelings. They are not anybody else's. Saying how you feel to someone else does not make them immediatly adapt the same feelings. I doubt it even changes how they think at all.

Yet here I am, wishing I had said what I wanted to say. Wishing the chance was there. Would it really have made a difference?

Are words really that powerful?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Aruba Sunset

Having what we need, originally uploaded by sunflowers131.

Sometimes life can be so crazy. We think we have it all figured out, but really we do not.

And then we think back to the past and we wonder if what we did was really right. Are we missing anything that should still be with us?

We also look to the future and wonder what lies ahead of us. Are we passing up any opportunities that may be marvelous?

Life can be so chaotic, but along the way I think we encounter who we should, and experience what we should. However sometimes the hardest part is saying goodbye, and sometimes we just have to say goodbye. The new and wonderful can not come in if the old is still standing in the doorway!