Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I am who I am

Sky_0406, originally uploaded by sunflowers131.

someone asked me what i thought my idiosyncrasies were. I thought aobut it for a while, wondering what mine could possibly be. Wondering really what idiosyncrasies were. So I came up with these.

five idiosyncrasies about myself...

1. I am a neat freak. Everything has to be clean and organized and in it's proper place. If it is not I will not be able to concentrate until it is. However if I am busy and decide to spend a few more minutes in bed cuddling, or an hour outside going for a walk, or even just some time talking with a friend the mess can build up. And build up it does at times. But the day will come when I will take hours to straighten everything back up again. Kinda like my life. Sometimes it gets a little hairy, but the day comes when I straigten it back up.

2. I buy calanders and planners with every intention of getting all my plans organized. I start to fill them out then never remember to open them. Although recently I have been getting better with using it, only because I cannot remember a thing.

3. I could eat cereal for any meal of the day and be completly satisfied. Do not forget a chocolate bar for dessert.

4. I crack up over the corniest jokes or silly thoughts I think in my head. Laughter really keeps me going.

5. Usually when people ask me what I am thinking I make something up. Only because usually I am just singing a song in my head and how do you explain that to someone?

What are your idiosyncrasies?