Sunday, February 26, 2012

through the journey

It was a journey
One step at a time leading me here
Where I feel safe, confidante, brave
Placing all the contents of my heart on the table
Nothing is hidden
Everything is talked about
Laughter, smiles, and hand holdingswirling around

I stand deeply in who I am
And am encircled with love and support
My heart has grown stronger
As I love fearlessly
And it swells with gratitude and pride

There were moments when I was lost
And there will continue to be those moments
I have taken wrong turns
Got lost and lead off track
But I always found my way back

Back to the person that is me
Looking at the sunshine in life
Grateful for all that surrounds me
Soaking up the outdoors
Laughing long into the night
Creating pieces of inspiration
And writing from my heart

I love the journey I am on in life
The individuals I encounter
The stories I hear
The connections that are made

I love creating along side others
Sharing our vulnerabilities
Supporting one another
Seeing each other for exactly who we are

I have struggled, fought, and dreamed my way to here
I opened up and allowed myself to be seen
Not just in the moments of beauty
But in my darkest moments as well
I have shared all of it

We are each human
Fighting our own battles
Struggling with our own inner demons
We are more alike than we sometimes know
The demons that speak to you, also speak to me
We are not alone in our struggles
We do not have to hide behind our fears

We are all in this together
Longing for connection, seeking out love
We are here for one another
To listen, encourage, and share our truths

My heart is overflowing with love tonight
For all that surrounds me
For my family, who is beyond amazing and always makes me laugh
For my friends, who I have created beautiful memories together
For the love of my life, who I feel so at home with
For all that is in my life, I am grateful

Through the lightness and the darkness
Each of it providing me something to carry along on my journey
I am grateful

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Trekking through
Managing to keep my head above water
Day by day
Slowly rising to the top, then sinking down again

Each day bleeding into the other
The clock spinning fast
My to list growing longer and longer
Hours passing in the blink of any eye

Grasping for the moment when I can slow down
Take a breathe and let it all sink in

~how do you stop yourself from spinning out of control?~

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love Y.O.U

Today many of us focus on telling the ones around us how much we love them
Grand proclomations, a little note, a single flower, a special piece of chocolate
We try to do something to ensure they know how much these individuals mean to us

But one thing we cannot forget about is ourselves
Our bodies and minds work hard for us
Pushing us along day after day

We need to take the time to say thank you, I love you, I am proud of you
Recognize our accomplishments
Smile widely and look lovingly in our own eyes

To celebrate Y.O.U exactly as you are
I wrote a special post on Vivienne McMasters blog
I would love it if you stopped by and soaked it in

Wishing you a day filled with love and light  <3 xo <3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

eyes of love

I remember when I struggled to see myself through eyes of love
Little voices inside me would speak unkind words
And I would listen to what they had to say
Blindly living, moving motionless throughout each day
I shot down my own dreams and tried to just blend in

Overtime my world shifted and things changed
Slowly I was arriving home, to myself
Kind words were being spoken from deep inside
My ears were perking up and my heart was learning to listen
I began to dream wildly

This slight shift changed my entire world
I took steps in a new direction
And the adventure began
Risk were taken, things were lost
Bigger things were gained

The roads were not easy to travel down
But there was always a light on the path
Doors opened when I least expected
And I was welcomed with open arms

I began to pick up the broken pieces of myself
Slowly putting them back together
Courage arrived from deep in my heart
And forward I continued to move

Each day I take another step on this adventure we call life
Learning, laughing, loving, losing
All of it intertwined and teaching me valuable lessons
I am creating the life I want to live

All of it rest in my hands when I listen to my heart
And seek out my dreams
Never settling for what dose not move me
But going out there and making it happen

I do not want to blend into the wall anymore
I want to shine and reach high for my dreams
I want to inspire and I want to create
And each day I must continue to carve my own path

Looking at the world and myself with eyes of love

Saturday, February 11, 2012

home with a full heart

We packed up our things
Left our heavy coats and took our flip flops
We boarded one plane and then another
And we finally took off

Landing in the warm sunshine
Blue waters surrounding us
Smiles across our faces
Laughter filling the air

We relaxed by the pool
Soaked in the sunshine
Shared stories
And laughed some more

Visitors stopped by to see what we were up to
We cheered for the Giants
Ate delicious food
Swam in the pool
And soaked up the view

It was a wonderful time away
My heart is filled with happiness
Grateful for moments like this
Where we soak up the beauty of life
Laugh until our sides hurt
And simply embrace each other

Saturday, February 04, 2012

flying up

Where did she go
The girl who was me
One day she was there
Looking back at me in the mirror
Now I do not even recognize her face

Where did she travel off to
Why did she go
During her stay did she clear space for me
Opening up new possibilities
Taking with her everything I was holding onto

Has she left me new challenges to face
A different perspective of how I see
Do I go on without her
Or fight to get her back

Growing and always evolving
This is the journey life hands us
Our core remaining the same as we travel deeper on our path
Sharing our light and giving thanks
For the roads we ventured onto and the lessons we learned along the way

Thursday, February 02, 2012

dreams coming true

I have always been a dreamer
Just ask my third grade teacher, he'll tell you
Even at that age, when I was suppose to be paying attention
I wasn't
My mind was wandering and it continues to wander
Dreaming up all sorts of things
They start as small ideas
That turn into a wish I speak outloud
Then the universe comes in and works it's magic
Slowly the dream begins to have form and shape
There are times it looks nothing like the original plan
And other times when I can't belive how exact it has all fallen into place
Dreams are things we want to happen
And they can't begin happening unless we set them in motion
I am in awe when a dream comes true
My heart fills with delight and gratitude
Looking back on the entire evolution
A small pea of an idea turned into a grand heart opening experience
I have more ideas percolating
The univers is working it's magic
And I just need to work on the courage to take the leap

What are you dreaming of these days?
What dreams of yours have come true?
Let's dream together, shall we?