Thursday, February 23, 2012


Trekking through
Managing to keep my head above water
Day by day
Slowly rising to the top, then sinking down again

Each day bleeding into the other
The clock spinning fast
My to list growing longer and longer
Hours passing in the blink of any eye

Grasping for the moment when I can slow down
Take a breathe and let it all sink in

~how do you stop yourself from spinning out of control?~


kelly barton said...

you just make a decision on what is most important and allow yourself that down time. it is okay to say no.

so with that...when do i get to take up some of that precious down'time with a skype date. wink.

Beth said...

I slow the hands of time with a fun creative gathering with friends (like you!) and find quiet stillness in the slow unravelling of a new season outside my door (always with my camera in hand) hugs to you.