Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What is coming?

"I do not know what is coming any more than Yeats knew, but when you come to the end of one time and the begining of a new one it is a period of tremendous pain and turmoil."
-The Power of Myth

Monday, February 20, 2006

In need of a peaceful place

Reaching new heights of happiness
then crashing back down, hard
The pain is just to much to bare
Inside my heart is crushed
The pain feels so real

Did you ever feel this Empty

I never knew I could feel so much hurt. So torn up inside. I never knew my heart could hurt so much. Yet here it is. I am standing in the pain. Taking in all the agony. I know a day will come when I will be filled with sunshine, but for now I am just looking for a little Serendipity.

"A fortunate accident, lucky discoveries."

Sunday, February 05, 2006

twenty years from now

This year I have been inspired by SwirlyGirl and her project 52 Figments I have really enjoyed thinking about these questions and creating something to go along with my answer.

One of the questions was:

Imagining having a conversation with yourself twenty years from now. What question do you want to ask?

What immediately hit my mind was "will I be married?" However after a lot of thinking and pondering I really think that I would want to know "If happiness follows me wherever I roam?" I plan to travel after I graduate college. Possibly move to Mexico. I want to experience Christians "home." See where he came from and all the wonderful places he tells me about. I might move to California, San Francisco has always held an interest in me.

The reason I would ask that question is because I am curious if out of my element, away from family, and away from my friends if I could adjust. Just be. And be happy. In my heart I believe the answer is yes, but of course we always must questions things. The great and worst part about being human.

Todos que necesito

Oh my Tlalolini.

This past week has been a tough one for me. A lot of things going on have left me down and out. However this wonderful man has really made it so much easier. He has been their for me in ways he may not even realize and has helped out so much with our apartment. Christian Tlalolini tu es numero uno! Te quiero mucho!

The days are getting much better and I am begining to be filled with so much more happiness. I think sometimes we just need to experience our gloom. It is part of life. For me I did that this past week. However after a wonderful cake baked in an amazing new kind of pan, a game of Mario Baseball, and some good laughs I am feeling like myself again.

Theme for 2006

Passion, originally uploaded by sunflowers131.

I choose my theme in the begining of the month. I just never got a chance to create a picuture representing my theme. It is Febuary, the month filled with love. So I think it is appropriate I created this now.

My dream for 2006 is to live it full with passion. To feel the passion in everything I do, no matter how small a task it is. The inner artist is inside and it wants to be heard. This is the year to let it all it all. Experience it all.

I look forward to this year. A new year, a new living space, and new classes at school. It is going to be a fabulous year!!