Thursday, July 28, 2005


Flag, lights, agua, originally uploaded by sunflowers131.

I feel a little bit lost.
Like I am stuck in this in between,
Not sure which way to go.
Yet a whirlwind of things keeps coming my way.
I am waiting for the storm to break.
For the clouds to clear, and the sun to shine.
I wonder what will be standing underneath the rainbow when my tired body wakes up from all of this.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Red sky, originally uploaded by sunflowers131.

If in your head you say
"This will change everything"
Do not do it
Especially when the everything that will be changing
is not what you want changed.

"Oh look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone"

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Life as Baseball

Sky and Trees, originally uploaded by sunflowers131.

Sometimes we come up with these grand plans and schemes for life. We are determined to accomplish them and have things end a certain way. Then that curve ball gets thrown at you. You hit it, you just aren't sure where it lands. So you pick up your feet and start running. The crazy part is no matter how long it takes you to get there, you always end up back at home plate!

In life we are up at bat many times and thrown many curve balls. The object of the game is to keep picking up your feet and keep running those bases.

Here I am now. Running the bases, not really sure when I will make it home. I am in it for the whole game, ready to play it out as long as it takes. And although right now I cannot really feel inside what it will feel like when my foot lands on homeplate in the back of my mind I know it will eventually happen. So I am keeping my eye on the ball and my head in the game. Experiencing the game as it comes.

"You may not end up where you thought you were going, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be."

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Timmy, originally uploaded by sunflowers131.

Nothing has lifted my spirits more than spending the day with my family. Talking, laughing, playing games. It grounded me back to what is really imprtant in life. I get sucked into the every day drama of work that sometimes I tend to forget that there is a whole other world out there. A world filled with amazing people. I am extremly lucky for I was blessed with such an amazing family.

Everything may turn into a contest, and sometimes you just have to dollar up, but what, you don't like golf bags?

I am glad I got grounded, even if it was for just a day!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Thank you!

Small Bridge, originally uploaded by sunflowers131.

Sometimes life brings you down
You feel like you cannot be picked up
All hope is lost
All happiness seems sucked from your body
A smile is non existent,
Tears flow from your eyes

Then you turn around and someone is standing there
A friend with time to give you
A friend who sits and listens
A friend who makes you laugh,
And breaths happiness back into you.

What a great feeling to know you have someone there to turn to
Someone who understands
Who does not judge you or make you feel bad
Rather he makes you laugh, smile, and enjoy life again.

Thanks for being that kind of friend.