Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I cherish....

* I cherish my studio apartment and the love and strength I feel when I am here
* I cherish giggling in the rain. It is a door that has lead me to so many wonderful and inspiring people
* I cherish my proximity to my family. Living so close allows us the opportunity to spend so much time together. It is lovely.
* I cherish art retreats and how much my world has grown because of them. Opening my eyes and heart up to so much love and support.
* I cherish that I live so close to mountains that I can hike in. Taking a walk through nature always opens my heart and clears my head.
* I cherish my bicycle. Giving me so much freedom and the opportunity to explore the world around me in fresh new ways.
* I cherish my friendships and the love and support we give one another. Nothing is more powerful than what an happen when we are kind to one another, cheer each other on, and support one another.
* I cherish my connection with writing. It heals me. Pushes me forward and allows me a place to show myself to the world.
* I cherish the sound of the ocean and the feel of sand beneath my toes. Nothing grounds me more than the ocean.
* I cherish kindness. It is what brings us together. Lifts us up. And propels us forward

~ what do you cherish?

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I was standing there
But I felt like I was somewhere else
Looking in on this interaction that was taking place

I was speaking
Yet I was not sure where the words were coming from
I felt like myself yet also totally outside of myself

Words were coming out of my mouth
Yet I was not even sure what I was saying
They came quickly and without thought

My heart was beating a little bit faster
Redness flooded my cheeks
I surprised myself with my inner reaction

I was not sure exactly what I was saying
Or even where it was coming from
All I knew is that I wanted to keep the conversation going

I wanted to hear more
Listen to the stories
Look into those eyes

What does one say to someone they never met before
But would like the privilege of getting to know?
What are the right words to bring someone in?

What was coming out of my mouth sounded foreign
I was stumbling over words and thoughts
Struggling a bit to keep myself going

Then I walked away
Without looking back
Never asking the question I really wanted to ask

I was awakened with nervous energy
Pulled towards this unknown
Filled up with hope again

A brief interaction
Infusing my heart
With the possibility of what lies ahead

Saturday, November 27, 2010


When the sun shines
Lift your head up towards the sky
Feel the warmth on your face
And soak it all in

Beauty surrounds you
Engulfs you
And heals you

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am so thankful
For this precious life I have been given
For the journeys my feet have taken me on
And for my wide expansive heart
That just keeps opening with each new experience

I am so thankful
To be dancing around this earth
And have the chance to soak it in
The laughter, the tears, the heartbreak, the joy
I am so thankful to feel all of it

Love surrounds me
Scarf sisters
Each of them filling me up with so much
I am so thankful for each of them

Life is pretty amazing
Each day a precious gift
Where opportunity awaits
I thankful to get to share my life here
With all of you

Thank you
To all of you
For loving me
Seeing me
Taking me in

I am so very thankful

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Your story is in your heart
Just waiting to be told
You made it here
To this point
To this day

You may have struggled
Got lost along the way
Veered off path
But here you are
Right where you are suppose to be

You are beautiful
You are strong
You are brave
You deserve to be seen
You deserve to shine

The world needs to hear
What you have to say
The worlds need to hear
Your story
Tell it, share it, speak it outloud

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

put yourself out there

You have to put yourself out there
Experience it
Joy and pain
Happiness and sadness

You have to put yourself out there
Show your beautiful face to the world
Let them see you dance
Let them see you sing

You have to put yourself out there
Be vulnerable and open
Share your stories
Let others in

You have to put yourself out there
Because it is the only way to open up that heart of yours
To feel
To live
To be

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

"your good"

"your good" he says
When I am deep down in the trenches
Unsure of how I will find my way out
Struggling, fighting, blinded by the road ahead

"your good" he says
When I think I cannot take another step
Exhaustion setting in
Thoughts of failure overtaking my confidence

"your good" he says
When I feel defeated
My hope has dwindled
And I am struggling to see myself

No matter where I am
he says "your good"
And he is right
I am good

If I am deep in the trenches
Struggling to take another step
or fighting to keep hope alive
I am good

In that moment
Where ever I am
I am exactly where I need to be
I am good

I have worked hard to get to that point
Persevered and pushed myself forward
I have been on the constant look out for how to take the next step
And when I find it I forge right ahead and take it

I may not be where I want to be
I may wish to be further along on the journey
I may stumble and I may fall
But wherever I am, I am good

Friday, November 05, 2010


I am grateful because
You listen to what I am feeling
You help me find answers to the difficult questions
You open up my eyes to a new way of seeing
Or you confirm that I need to follow my inner voice

I am grateful because
You allow me the space to open up
You are tender
You are kind
You are there for me

I am grateful because
You stand in that space with me
You see me
Exactly as I am
And you accept that person

I am grateful
For who you are
And how you show yourself to the world
You lead by example
And you go for it

For all of this I am grateful

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

i am enough

Wherever you are
Whatever you are doing
Know that you are enough
Exactly as you are
Even if your house is a mess
There are dishes to be cleaned
The bills have yet to be paid
Your dreams have not yet come true
Even though everything may not be perfect
It is still enough
And you are enough
Just as you are

I hope you will hop on over to Tracey Clarks blog to read my guest post on being enough.

Monday, November 01, 2010


So grateful
For this moment
This day
And having the ability to wish and dream