Friday, November 05, 2010


I am grateful because
You listen to what I am feeling
You help me find answers to the difficult questions
You open up my eyes to a new way of seeing
Or you confirm that I need to follow my inner voice

I am grateful because
You allow me the space to open up
You are tender
You are kind
You are there for me

I am grateful because
You stand in that space with me
You see me
Exactly as I am
And you accept that person

I am grateful
For who you are
And how you show yourself to the world
You lead by example
And you go for it

For all of this I am grateful


Gloria said...

Jen..I put something in the mail for you G

mindy said...

i am ever so grateful for you my love. you have given me so much! love you!

Karen D said...

really lovely

bella said...

beautiful. xo

Ellen aka Ella said...

How touching; Being grateful and knowing it is enough, as you said, below~ Your words make me smile~

elizabeth said...

beautiful and touching.