Sunday, October 30, 2011

Your heart makes a difference

Your heART makes a difference
It opens people up
Lets them know they are not alone
Brings out smiles
And knowing tears
What you create is important
It comes from your heart
And needs to be shared with the world

I am so honored to let you know
That I will be sharing pieces of my heART
Over here at
With other inspiring individuals
I would love for you to stop by
And join us
As we choose kindness
Practice self care
Be creative
Live with gratitude
and create from the heart

Friday, October 28, 2011

ready for take off

To spread my wings
And fly
Ideas are swirling
Lifting me off the ground
Feeling weightless
I take off
Headed into the unknown
With tools inside to help guide me
Following my heart
I flap my wings
Higher and higher I go
Heart smiling
Looking out towards possiblity

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


They stood on the edge of the shore together
Looking out towards the future
Filled with possibility
They knew they would be
Filling up their wells with
They have each other to lean on
When they grow tired they know they can reach out
They know they are never alone
They would all fly together
Towards their dreams
Soaring in the wind

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

forgiving yourself

Sometimes before we can move forward we have to get our hands messy
Dig deep down into the dirt and pull out what we have been holding onto for so long
We have to come face to face with our demons
Own our truth
And continue to push forward

It is not always easy to face our dark side
To forgive ourselves for decisions we have made and risks we have taken
But in order to move forward we must do that
We must be gentle with our hearts
And realize we are all only human

Forgiveness opens us up to light
Heals our soul
And allows us to step boldly into the unknown future before us
It lets us see again
And feel the heart beat of the world

Take that one tiny step towards forgiving yourself
And see the path that will begin to open itself up to you
Step onto this path and push yourself forward
Step by step you will feel your heart open up
And the worries in your mind will be set free

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I am grateful for...

*spending time with family
*phone conversation with a good friend
*true love
*short walks to feed the ducks
*soaking up fall
*moving my legs
*heading off for an adventure in a few short days
*time with friends
*capturing the world around me
*being let in to someone's world
*text message love

Saturday, October 15, 2011

wanting to spill open

The words are in my mind swirling around
Yet unable to be transferred to the paper
Each time I try to write them
My hand freezes up
My mind stops
Tiredness sets in
I know I need to give them life
For me
For you
I know we both need to hear them
Because as humans
We all go through the roller coaster ride of emotions
And we all just want to connect
So for now I am show up on the page as is
Disheveled, unsure, stuck
Knowing that is ok
As long as I continue to show up

Friday, October 07, 2011

surrounded by beauty

I used to be a wall flower
Trying my hardest to blend in
Never wanting to draw attention to myself
Thoughts always running through my head
But words never spoken

Over time I have come out of my shell
I stand deeply in who I am
Not afraid of being seen and heard
I put myself out into the world
And embrace what flows my way

I am fortunate to be surrounded by beauty
Individuals in my every day life that make my heart sing
We have heart opening conversations
Sharing between us sacred thoughts, ideas, and feelings
We take the time to truly see one another

In life we are all a part of many different worlds
Each of them connected through one source, yourself
All of these little circles play a significant part in your life
And for each of them you must show up
As yourself and let yourself be seen

Who you are matters to the circles that surround you
Your being adds to the beauty
Your thoughts and words are impact full
And necessary to be spoken
You just being there is an integral part of the equation

When I hid in the background I was missing out
On all the beauty and opportunity that surrounds me
I was afraid
As I slowly stepped out of my protective barrier
I saw that love was there to hold me gently

I am so grateful for the relationships I have formed
For the kindness that others show me day after day
For conversations, laughter, a wave hello
My heart is overflowing with joy
From all the beauty that swirls around

I would not be here today
Had I not searched for what moved me
Had I not found what inside me really makes me happy
Had I not bravely stepped out and showed the world who I am
And now I stand here with my heart wide open

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

standing besides one another

We stand beside one another
Accepting each other for who we each are
Being kind
Soaking in the every day moments
The ones that passed by before
Without a thought
They have a new sparkle to them now
It is as we are both seeing them for the first time
We hold hands
Watching the world unfold before us
Ready to take it on

Monday, October 03, 2011

jumping in

Why does it take me so long to begin
To dig deep in and get my hands messy
Why do I procrastinate immensely
Dancing around the subject
But not diving in
Why do I day dream about it
But do not actually do it
Why do I hold myself bak
Why do I tighten up
And not let go
I need to jump in
Even when I do not know the outcome
I need to loosen up
Not be held back
Simply just go for it

Sunday, October 02, 2011


She never knew that her words would heal the hearts of others
She never knew that they would matter
If you told her years ago that what she wrote would ease another's fears
Make them not feel so alone
She would never believe you
Even if you assured her that you knew it was true
She would not be able to grasp it
She always wrote for herself
Directly from her heart
The words pouring out onto the paper
She spoke of what she knew
What she learned
What she knew to be true
She had to show up on the page
She had to free the words from her mind
Releasing them into the universe
And here she stands today
Not keeping her words bottled up
Showing up here
Opening up
Inviting others in
Living, feeling, smiling