Sunday, October 02, 2011


She never knew that her words would heal the hearts of others
She never knew that they would matter
If you told her years ago that what she wrote would ease another's fears
Make them not feel so alone
She would never believe you
Even if you assured her that you knew it was true
She would not be able to grasp it
She always wrote for herself
Directly from her heart
The words pouring out onto the paper
She spoke of what she knew
What she learned
What she knew to be true
She had to show up on the page
She had to free the words from her mind
Releasing them into the universe
And here she stands today
Not keeping her words bottled up
Showing up here
Opening up
Inviting others in
Living, feeling, smiling


marilyn said...

and now she knows. her words heal, they matter and ease fears. because she did show up and she stands today in her truth. and i thank the universe that i stand with in your shadow. i love you dear dear friend.

yogiknitgirl said...

Every time I read your beautiful posts I leave feeling inspired and warmed in my heart. You are a gifted writer and your words are so deep and from the heart. Each and every word matters, to me and to all who are lucky enough to read. You are precious my friend, simply precious! Just two more weeks, and we will be at Serendipity! Can't wait to be with you!