Thursday, December 28, 2006

Buen dia!

Christian, his dad, and I took a trip into NYC before Christmas to experience the city during it's most brilliant time. I am only getting around to posting the photos now, but it was a really great day.

Me and my Baby at the Top of the Rock, in Rockefeller Center.

We made it up there just in time to see the sunset.

How glorious.

Christian was getting a little hungry, so he decided to eat the Empire State Building!

Christian and his father.

Christmas Time in NYC

Friday, December 22, 2006

An Interesting Conversation

I met the most interesting gentlemen the other night at work. When he first came in I gave him my whole spiel and I thought he was kindly listening as I aksed in the very end what I could get him to drink. But then he motioned to me that he was deaf. How silly I felt then for rambling on about Boneless Buffalo Wings and Margaritas. He motioned for a pen and papar and I handed it over. I got him what his Sam Adams and handed him a menu.

He was alone and seemed to be enjoying the basketball game which was on the television. I was chatting with some of my friends who happend to have stopped by the bar that night. The gentlemen got my attention and he showed me what he would like for dinner and I wrote out the normal questions I would ask in regard to his order.

It was extremly interesting to communicate with him through writing. This was my first experience waiting on someone who was deaf. After he finished eating we someone how started to engage in converstion. The entire conversation which was quiet lengthy took place on sheets and sheets of receipt tape and napkins.

Mars had an extremly interesting story to tell. Usually with customers the conversation is general...about the weather or sports...small talk. However since we were writing to one another we seemed to skip over the small talk. It was easy for me to do becaues I have no problem expressing my thoughts and ideas in writing, but when it comes to talking sometimes my tongue gets tied. So this conversation was easy and fun. We talked about family, how he felt about where he lived, what type of work he was doing it, how it felt to be deaf. He wrote me an incredible story about his life. Everyone life is interesting, however when somone has had an experience that is so far from your own it becomes intriguing. Mars has had such an experience.

Because of the writing we really got to know one another. Was it because there was more freedom there. If I didn't want to answer one of his questions or vice versa, I didn't have to. I could just write something else. This left the possiblity to be more daring and intimate with the questions. However what was missing was eye contact. He would scribble something, I would read it, I would respond, he would read it....and on it went in a circle. I was constantly reading or writing. I rarely looked up.

I really enjoyed our conversation that night, and it was really intersting how it took place. One of the other customers was intrigued by what was taking place and asked me if I was writing a book. :) We sorta wrote a short story. :) At the end of the night I felt the need to tell my manager just because I knew he was wondering what was going on as well. And his response was "Oh I was wondering what was the deal with that man."

Mars doesn't live around here but I do hope to see him again sometime. He was a very interesting gentlemen, and I really enjoyed our writing conversation. I would love to have another someday.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

One Little Drop

Have you heard of One Little Drop? This website is absolutly divine. There mission is to change the world one little drop at a time, and all of us are simply little drops adding up to an enormous ocean of change.

I have always wanted to do something to make a difference. To help someone less fortunate than me. Sure I donate money to charity, and I know it is going to a good cause, but by doing that I don't feel like I am doing much. (does that make any sense?) One Little Drop makes it seem possible. Possible to help, possible to give things which indiviudal's really need. It also gives me a strong urge to move to San Francisco.

San Francisico seems like such a magical place. In my heart I feel like I should be there. Also after Sara's description of the wonderful enviorment surrounding her, I wanted to pack my bags and move that very instant.

Another fabulous thing this website is doing is The International Day Of Possibility. A single day dedicated to positive thinking. To thinking that you can do anything! We really all should be doing this every day, but just imagine the positive energy that would float through the world if we all thought positivly for an entire day? Oh I can feel some of the energy already.

So what are you doing June 21st, 2007? I am thinking anything is possible that day!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006