Wednesday, September 28, 2011

deeply rooted

She was hopefull that this day would arrive
And it did
Not how she expected
But it came

Before it's arrival she prepared
Tending to her heart
Soaking in the quiet moments alone
Learning what moved her
What made her dance
Made her laugh

And now she stands deep in who she is
Fully present with what is surrounding her
Laughing with her whole heart
Soaking in the happiness that swirls around
Grateful that she took the time to wait and listen

Sunday, September 25, 2011

moments can change your life

There are moments in your life that happen. Moments you could not have thought up or dreamed about because you had no idea such a thing could ever occur. But somehow these moments present themselves. You are given the opportunity to embrace them and let them flow with you, guiding you along.

These moments are stepping stones in your life. Taking you from one place to the another. However, describing them as stepping stones does not seem adequate because these moments are life changing.  Opening up a whole new door of possibility. Breathing life into your tired heart. Holding you gently. Nudging you along. Encouraging you to keep your head held high.

Many times the individuals who change the course of our life forever are gone in the blink of an eye. Leaving you feeling in awe at the power of connection between individuals. So many people in this world. So many individuals we pass on a daily bases and interact with. But only a select few stirs ours heart and wakes us up. Only a handful have the ability to creep in and see below our outer protective barrier. Why is it that certain individuals connect and others do not? What is it that pulls us deeply into each other? What forms the space between others?  It is interesting to be roaming the roads of life. Meeting so many different individuals. Traveling down one path and then getting directed somewhere else all because of a brief encounter.

Strangers can open us up. They can stand before us and accept us exactly as we are in the moment. They do not know the past. They do not know our struggles. They just see you before them. Your heart in your hand ready to be revealed. You stand there in all of your being radiating who you are. And you never know if you will walk away with something new.  A new opportunity, a new friend, a new chance to take.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

letting go

And the day came
When she dug her toes deep into the sand
And simply let go
Surrendering to the universe
All it has in store for her

Sunday, September 18, 2011

beautiful life

It was here that she knew the journey was worth it
The struggles and the pain
They all helped to clear her heart
Open her up to see what it was that would truly feed her soul
There were many dark nights when she was lost
Stumbling and almost giving up hope
But she always pressed on
Stepping one small foot in front of the other
Unsure of what lies ahead of her
But knowing she had to continue down the path
And now she stands deeply rooted in love
So full of beauty and kindness
Her heart is overflowing with joy
The smile on her face radiates
As she twirls in the sunlight
And soaks in the beautiful life that she has created

Saturday, September 17, 2011

the magic

There is magic in the air
And this time of year always brings me back to 2008
The year that my life changed courses forever
The year my eyes were opened up to a whole new world
And my heart was opened up to a whole new kind of love
Magic, swirling around
Enveloping me with hope
Nudging me forward
And kindly encouraging me to step deeply into myself
The woods was a safe haven for me
To show up, as I was
Not all put together
Scattered, bruised, and unsure of the path I was traveling
The woods accepted all of me.
There was magic pulling me in
And it held me gently
Each year at this time my mind travels back
To the paths I walked
The smiles from strangers
The kindness in the eyes of those I just met
New friendships were forming
A new understanding of me was taking shape
At the time I had no idea that those woods would change my life forever
I had no idea the power that magic held in this life
But it does
And I am living proof
I was once afraid of the world
And now I stand fearlessly in front of it
Embracing all that comes my way
And those friendships that were formed under the stars
They help to guide me on my path
And remind me of what lies deep within me
I am forever grateful for the magic that the woods held
How it enveloped me with safety
And opened my eyes to a loving way of living

Friday, September 16, 2011


Life is a constant flow of individuals
Floating in and out of our lives
Some fall deep into our every day
Seeing us through thedarkness
Nudging us along as we face challenges
Holding our hand and laughing with us

Others stay only for a brief moment in time
Flying in right when we seem to need to them
They dig deep into our heart
And we are never the same
Even after they float away
The mark they left on us reminds us of their beauty

It does not matter how long an individual was in your life
What matters is the connection that you shared when you were together
The memories you created
The secrets you whispered
The skin you shed to show your true self
Theses connections push us a little father
Help us to grow a litte bit more
And bravely we can spread our wings and fly

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

No Regrets

It was not suppose to happen like this
But then again how was it "suppose to happen"
We both knew the circumstances surrounding the situation
We both knew where we stood
What we were getting into
Where it could possibly go
We knew it the entire time
Yet we did not let that stop us from opening the door
We did not let that stop us from telling our stories
Sharing pieces of our hearts
Taking each other along on our journey's
Knowing the reality never stopped us
And now here we both stand
I am here and you are there
And I am really glad we never let those things get in the way
Because I value the moments we spent together
I treasure the smiles and laughter
Even if they were fleeting
I am so grateful our paths crossed
And for a brief moment in time we let each other in