Thursday, June 21, 2012

arriving home

It has been a hectic past couple of weeks
Big projects pulling me in many directions
Time flying by
Frustration and exhaustion
Dreading going to my second job
Just wanting to crawl into bed and sleep

Slowly I have risen to the top
With every accomplishment
Time must be spent deep in the trenches
Figuring things out
Making mistakes and feeling lost
Pushing through to creating

When you are deep in the hole
It feels like you will never find your way out
Pleading with the clock to slow down
Hoping for that breakthrough to get you going
Wondering how you will ever get it done
Draining all your resources

But then the sun breaks through
You find the right motion to climb the hill with ease
You begin to feel lighter
Picking up speed you are off
A smile forming deep from within

Good things come through hard word
Messy hands
Picking up the pieces
And putting them back together
Pride surfaces when we stick with it
Stay strong through the storm

I have finally arrived home
Feeling incredibly happy and proud of myself
I struggled and felt lost
But I never gave up
And here I am, happy

It feels good to make it through to the other side

Sunday, June 17, 2012

beauty in the written word

Beauty lies deep within the written word
As the hand moves across the paper
Thoughts are formed
Secrets are spoken
Hearts are laid out on the page

Gently we hold the paper in our hands
Soaking in the vulnerability
Cherishing the wisdom
Feeling deeply what is written
Knowing the time and energy that went into each letter

When words arrive at our doorstep
We are thrilled
A reason to go to the mailbox
Sunshine living right next to the bills
A shining glimmer amongst the daily routine

Letter writing has become a lost art
Technology has made communicating so instant
We have forgotten what it is like to sit down
Pen in hand, paper ready to soak in the ink
Thoughts flowing from the heart onto the page

There is something so beautiful about another's penmanship
Everyone's writing is so unique, so beautiful
Their spirit forming each letter
Their heart arriving right on the page
A gift to you, that you can hold in your hands

I believe in the power of words
I believe we can inspire each other when we share our thoughts on paper
I believe happy mail arriving in our mailbox can change our whole day
I believe that we each hold wisdom deep in our hearts
I believe in Love Notes

I hope you will join in on the adventure
As we share our words and send happy mail to others
The Post Card Project
Come join us HERE

Monday, June 11, 2012

love note - the postcard project

I simply adore postcards.  There is something so wonderful about holding them in my hand.  I love the image that is on one side which reminds me of where they are from and the small space on the back that isn't intimidating, but just the right size to capture a memory.  So to kick off the Love Notes project we are starting with postcards.

The project is 3 weeks long and will only require three postcards and your response to a quick writing prompt that will arrive in your email box each sunday.  These postcards will brighten up the mail carriers load and bring rays of sunshine to mailboxes.  I hope that you will join in.  Head on over to the Love Notes blog to read all about it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

beauty around you

Look closely at the beauty that surrounds you
See the natural way he smiles
The way she indulges in her ice cream cone
How playful those children are with one another

Each of these people have a story living in their hearts
They move their body
Create magic
Bravely make decisions

Look closely
Pay attention
Notice the small things
There is so much to learn

Trade your fear for curiosity
Jump into the unknown
Go outside
And live

Thursday, June 07, 2012

our hearts are all beating

He reminded me
That we are all traveling down the same path
Each fighting our own insecurities
Trying to show the world our bravest face

He spoke of how others perceive us
And the control we have over that
How we cannot beat ourselves up over things
And to remember we aren't the only ones with these struggles

He reminded me
Of how we can own the battle
Be gentle with ourselves
Really feel how awesome this world is

He spoke from his perspective
And I totally understood where he was coming from
Being human is like
On the outside we are different, but inside we are all have a heart thats beating

Sunday, June 03, 2012

getting here

It was a long journey to here
One she traveled alone
Carving her own path
Facing her deepest struggles
Falling down countless times
But always getting back up

She never knew she would end up here
Even though it was so close
And she past this place many times before

She never knew that her digging deep into herself
Would help her find her way home
But she was always digging, always seeking
Searching for the little things that fed her soul

A small studio apartment
Walls adorned with memories created
A red bicycle with a basket
Taking in her on countless adventures

The library and coffee shop
Being her home away from home
Pen in hand
Words flowing
She found her way to herself

And now she is here
Overflowing with love and gratitude
For this day
The journey that got her here
And the adventures that are yet to be