Monday, January 28, 2013

snow days

There was a moment in time when I lived here
That particular winter was filled with snow
Flake after flake falling from the sky

I had to cocoon into my home alone
The streets to treacherous to drive on
No where to go, just me alone

I equally loved those moments
And struggle through them
Feeling trapped and isolated

Here today I am in a new home
With someone to spend snow days with
I long for the white stuff to blanket the world around

I wish for the days where snow takes over
For a brief time
Bringing the world to a halt

It forces you to slow down
Breathe a little deeper
Savor the moment you are in

I love the smell of freshly fallen snow
The way it lights up the world
And has a certain calming sound to it

Winter is here
And my hope is that it brings a moment filled with snow
And a chance to relax deep into each other and

Saturday, January 26, 2013

paint across the canvas

Paint covering each finger
Color strewn out on my desk
Music playing in the background
Letting go and having fun
I am not much of a painter
But I love to get my hands messy
Skipping the paint brush
And going right in with my fingers

There are pieces that I paint that I adore
And others that I think I may go back in and cover up
It is fun to dive into a blank canvas and see what emerges
There are layers, some messy and some beautiful
Each layer telling a different story
I love the that I can start over
Again and again and again
Adding more layers, more heart, more love

Painting stretches my mind differently than writing does
A different type of white space waiting for some color
With each stroke I let go a little more
Breaking down expectations
Allowing the colors space to bleed together
Adding in more, wiping away excess
Reveling what is below
Letting it all emerge

I am on a year long painting adventure
Open to what will emerge as I lay color to canvas
Mindy Lacefield is my guide
Giving me space and direction to let go
Her True Free Spirit Class is opening me up
Connecting me others who are the journey
Together we show up and let go
What do you do to stretch yourself, open up?

Monday, January 21, 2013


before take off

Waiting here
Forced to slow down
Soak in the enviornment
People rush filled with excitment

Here with my thoughts
Reading, writing, kniting
Still in a world that is spinning around me

Amazed at the greatness of flight
From here to there in mere hours
People converging from all over the world
On to their next destination

I am in love with this place
With this moment
In love with the opporutnity flight brings

Lifting off
On to a new adventure
Interacting with strangers
Arriving home a bit more expanded

Friday, January 11, 2013

good choices


This week was full of good choices

Choosing to move my body
Pick up the dry cleaning
Keep the money in my pocket

Choosing mini golf over errands
Laughter and storytelling
Dreaming of vactions to take

Choosing the healthy option
Going to bed early
Purchasing much needed undergarments

The choice is always in our hands
To take care of our self and choose laughter
Or go down the road we really do not want to

What good choices have you made this week?

Monday, January 07, 2013

growing together in love

In relationships there is comprise
Having to make the bed when it does not really matter to you if stays unmade
Being ok with a dish in the sink, even when you are wanting to get it washed
Throwing your clothes into the hamper instead of on the floor right next to it

The little things you do to make the day to day living together smoother
Finding the balance between that extra step your willing to go
And the things you are willing to let go of yourself
Because life still runs smoothly even when they are out of place

Each of us are human
With our own quirks and way of doing things
To live harmoniously with another we must learn to dance together
An intricte dance of seeking what is important to the other

We need to respect each others light
Provide space to shine and breathe
Fuel each others fire, encourage the next big adventure
We must trust in flight

We know we cannot change the other, and we must never try
Embrace everything, even the unmade bed
For that is a gift in teaching us to let go sometimes
We must recoginze the beauty of the other

When you find this person
And learn their dance
True love blossoms
And each of you grow strong, radiant, freely

Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013, all the cards on the table

A new year has arrived and I have my hands deep in lighting candles with intention, reflecting, and casting wishes for the year ahead.  I have not yet chosen a word for 2013 yet, but I have a clear focus.  I want to get my act together.  Pay my bills on time, budget my money, and do those things you have to do in life without putting it off and putting it off again, and then just not doing it.  You know the things I am talking about; getting the oil changed in the car, going to the doctor, making those phones calls to see if I can get a better rate on car insurance.  All the necessary things that I always without fail put off.

So I started the year off right and got the oil changed in my car on New Years Eve.  I calendared out all my bills, and signed up for a budgeting app that will hopefully help to keep me on track.  I am taking a look at my 401k and trying to really understand what it all means.  I am putting one foot in front of the other instead of just sitting down and not doing a thing.  I am showing up with all the cards on the table and taking a look at them instead of pretending they are not there.

Its a good start, and to get any where you have to start.  So I stand here welcoming 2013 with open arms and eyes wide open  How about you?  What are you welcoming into 2013?