Friday, January 11, 2013

good choices


This week was full of good choices

Choosing to move my body
Pick up the dry cleaning
Keep the money in my pocket

Choosing mini golf over errands
Laughter and storytelling
Dreaming of vactions to take

Choosing the healthy option
Going to bed early
Purchasing much needed undergarments

The choice is always in our hands
To take care of our self and choose laughter
Or go down the road we really do not want to

What good choices have you made this week?


Kathryn said...

I've been dieting for the first time ever . . . fell off the wagon last night and chowed down on some delicious pizza. Hoping to make good choices though going forward.

Celia said...

yes. yes. yes. the choice is always ours to make! i am choosing self care....moving my body.....meditating....making art. good stuff.

K8 said...

ah yes, it feels good to make good choices, doesn't it? if only it weren't so hard sometimes. :) although maybe we just make it hard for ourselves... I'm loving your blog banner btw! you've probably had it forever but it's different since last time I was here I think.