Wednesday, August 31, 2011

moving free from the past

Isn't it amazing when we first lose something we are devestated
We feel like we can not go on without it
But time moves us forward
And slowly we let go of the pain
We free ourselve from the loss
And we move on
We forget that we were ever missing anything at all
We forget what life was like when we had it
Because we have gone on and created new memories
Filled our hearts with new love
In life things are constantly changing
Never staying the same forever
At times this can be troubling to our hearts
But it is really a beautiful thing
It allows us to embrace each day
The small treasures
The moments
Everything coming in to fill up our wells
And shape our journey

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Listen to what your heart has to say
Trust that it is leading you in the right direction
Do not be afraid of the path you are traveling on
Let go and observe the miracles before you
Your inner pixie will be your guide

Sunday, August 28, 2011

opening up to each other

You have crossed over into my world
A stranger before
Now slowly making your way in
I created space for you
Opening up
Sharing pieces of my story with you
It is beautiful to watch you do the same
To learn about who you are
Where you come from
What makes your heart move
No one knows what the future will hold
So I keep these moments close
Embracing each one
Grateful that our paths have crossed
And shined light upon both of us

Saturday, August 27, 2011

tell your story

You are writing the story of your life each and every day
You are creating beauty and magic
Weaving together interactions deep into your heart
Do not be afraid to share that story with the world
The world needs to hear your tale, all of it
The good times as well as the not so good times
Giving voice to the dark moments
The ones you want to forget about
Will allow you to release them
It will bring an inner healing to your heart
And give strength to others, knowing they are not alone
Tell these stories
Own them
We all make mistakes
What is important is how you handle them after the destruction
Do not continue to bury them deep inside
When they are down their they stew up negative emotions
You do not have to continue living through that
Release your stories into the world
Hold your head a little bit higher
And step deeply into the world
You are filled with light
That deserves to shine
Shine brightly, shine brightly

Sunday, August 21, 2011

when the time is right

The time will come
And only you will know when that is
You will see things a little differently
Your heart will let lose what it was gripping

No one can tell you to make that choice now
No one knows what you feel
What you see
What you have been through

You must trust the process
Allow the world to wash over you
Surrender into the unknown
Listen to what your heart whispers

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Go west he told
Follow your heart and go west
I love that he knew that thought was breathing in my mind
Here in the east I feel like I do not fit in
He could sense it
And he took the time to speak with me about it

Conversations with him feed my soul
His words lift me up
And hold me gently
Thoughts and ideas flow easily
And together we help each other through
As the time seems to fly by

He chooses his words carefully
Giving me space to voice my feelings
He opens up to me
And I treasure the stories he tells
Both of us never passing judgment on the other

You never know where friendship will bloom
Where secrets will be whispered
Laughter will be shared
And hope will be infused

Sometimes it comes in the most unexpected places
But there is a bond there that you both cannot deny
You help each other
Listen to what the other is saying when words are not spoken
And really see one another

These conversations are sacred
These moments in time leave deep marks on your heart
And both of you are forever changed because of the other

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

encounters with beauty

Do not forget where you came from
How you have been tended to along the way
Your roots run deep
Many people have become intertwined within you
The brief encounters
Fleeting moments
A smile shared with a strange
Deep conversations held around the fire of life
Side splitting laughter
A long embrace
A friendly hello
All of these moments leave a mark
They help to guide us along on our journey
Do not forget that you are where you are today
Because of where you stood yesterday
Each interaction cracks us open a little bit more
Connects us to the earth
And brings us deeper to knowing ourselves
Give thanks to those who have held your hand
Reached out to you
Listened when you hurt
And giggled with you in the rain
Life is beautiful when shared with each other

Monday, August 15, 2011


We are all traveling somewhere
Headed in a direction
Even when we do not realize it
The world keeps turning
We keep spinning
Never sure of where we are going to end up
Even when we plan where that will be
A bend in the road appears
A new path is taken
Completely out of our control
The best that we can do is to roll with it
Accept what comes
And keep pushing forward
Life will always continue to go on
Whether you are ready for it or not
So try your best to embrace the hiccups
Let the rough times travel through you
Do not cling to them
And let them weigh you down
Let go
Be open
Feel free as you travel
The journey is beautiful
Open your eyes to see it

Sunday, August 14, 2011

In the storm

I am standing here
In the storm
Feeling hurt
Learning how to continue forward
On a different path

I wonder
Where I went wrong
What I could have done different
Why do I have to go through this struggle
It makes me feel small
Insignificant, disrespected

Throughout the journey
I was kind and respectful
I came to the table with an open heart
And now here I stand deep in the storm
Feeling the pain

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

what I would want you to know

If you were here
Sitting beside me
This is what I would want you to know
This is what I would tell you
This is what I would hope you would understand
And be able to truly feel and believe

You are amazing
You are doing a lot in this world
Even when you feel like you aren't
I wish I could open your eyes to see the impact you have
On all that is surrounding you

Your smile is contagious
You are friendly

And you work really hard
I know you do
So what if it is not your dream job
And it isn't what you thought you would be doing

And so what if it is serving people drinks
Or bringing them their food
You are doing something for another
You are putting yourself out there
And you are not doing it haphazardly

You are doing it well and with pride
And it doesn't matter what you are doing
What matters is that you are doing it with pride
That is what is important

You show up and you care
Everyone around you can see that

I know it is a struggle for you to be where you are
It is a struggle to think that you haven't accomplished anything
Or that you haven't gotten anywhere
But really you have

You need to take that measuring stick of yours
And you need to adjust it
Because you need to see that you really have come far
And the most important thing is that your happy
That the world is feeding your soul
That you are just out there living each day
Embracing what comes before you

Because there is going to be one day
When there is not going to be another day after it
And you don't want to have the regret that you didn't take the chance
You didn't say what you wanted to say
You didn't just go out there and do it
And you don't want to be miserable throughout your entire ride here

Nobody wants to see you miserable on your entire journey
You have the personality that you won't let that happen
And you have the personality that you will succeed

Realize how strong you are
How much you do
How brave and amazing
Kind and caring you are

Realize you are going to get ahead
You are going to make it
You are going to be someone you are proud of
But know that you should really be proud of that person now
Because you are incredible
But if you are struggling with that
Know that the day will come
There will be a moment in time when you will be able to step back and say
"Man, I am awesome"

And when you speak those words
I want you to speak them directly from your gut and from your soul
And I want you to feel them truly, honestly feel them
Because you are someone pretty awesome
And you deserve to be happy
You deserve to accomplish any goal you set your mind to

Just keep putting yourself out there
Keep stepping forward
Continue to not worrying about what other people are doing
Or allowing other peoples expectations to creep in
Forget about others peoples ideas for what you should be doing

Realize that you
Exactly as you are
Is exactly where you should be

You are well respected
You are loved
You are an incredible human being

Monday, August 08, 2011

your story

Lately I have struggled to put words onto the page
Maybe I was avoiding showing up
Maybe I was to busy
Maybe I wasn't ready to face something
There are many maybes that can be put down
But one thing I know for sure
Is that I stopped telling my story

I kept putting one foot in front of the other
Moving, but never really advancing
Blindly jumping from one thing to the next
Keeping my story inside
Under lock and key

I felt more lost than ever
All jumbled up and tangled in these vines of containment
The freedom that comes with putting myself out there
Was buried deep inside me
The clarity that comes from connection when you tell your story
Was non existent

I felt as if I had been dropped onto the floor
Shattered into many different pieces
And totally unsure of how to put myself back together again

My story
The pieces that make up me
Not my job, where I live, what I drive
But my truth
Needs to be shared

It is important for each of us to show up
Tell our stories
Really allow others in
And embrace the moment

Each of our stories
Is vital to the ebb and flow of this world
And it needs to be told

How are you telling your story?

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Right now...

:::  Riding a bicycle feeds my soul
:::  I need to show up to the page more often
:::  I am so lucky to be surrounded by loving, supportive individuals who life me up and hold me gently
:::  I need to slow down, be present, stay true to myself
:::  I am capable of so much
:::  Family is the glue that holds me together
:::  I must continue to put myself out there
:::  It will return again one day
:::  Simply showing up and being myself feeds this world.  Yes, it is that simple

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Caught at a crossroads
Not sure which way to turn

Take the familiar route
The one I traveled down before
The one where I know most of the roads
Can always find my way home

Or jump deep into the unknown
And find a world completely unfamiliar
Lost at times
Struggle through the uncomfortable

So much possibility lies within the two
So different they are
Have I grown to much to stay with the familiar
Will I feel more lost there than through the struggle of the unknown

My heart is torn
My feet are tired
My mind is can't make itself up