Thursday, August 18, 2011


Go west he told
Follow your heart and go west
I love that he knew that thought was breathing in my mind
Here in the east I feel like I do not fit in
He could sense it
And he took the time to speak with me about it

Conversations with him feed my soul
His words lift me up
And hold me gently
Thoughts and ideas flow easily
And together we help each other through
As the time seems to fly by

He chooses his words carefully
Giving me space to voice my feelings
He opens up to me
And I treasure the stories he tells
Both of us never passing judgment on the other

You never know where friendship will bloom
Where secrets will be whispered
Laughter will be shared
And hope will be infused

Sometimes it comes in the most unexpected places
But there is a bond there that you both cannot deny
You help each other
Listen to what the other is saying when words are not spoken
And really see one another

These conversations are sacred
These moments in time leave deep marks on your heart
And both of you are forever changed because of the other

1 comment:

Mindy Lacefield said...

there in the moment of the sun shining as we sit and discuss our dreams in rocking chairs. one of my favorite memories. i can't wait to make more with you. love you friend.