Friday, September 15, 2006


Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a girl.
She was strong and she was brave.
She faced the world head on and always went for what she wanted.
She was never afraid to say no, and never afraid to ask for what her heart desired.

This girl was happy.

She was true to herself.
She created magical things.
She read wonderful books and,
She took amazing pictures with her camera.

The girl was happy.

She loved music, and dancing.
She was a great dancer.
She also loved to sing.
Her voice sounded so sweet.

The girl was happy.

She surrounded herself with people she loved
and people who loved her.
They all loved, trusted, and respected one another.
It was a beautiful thing.

The girl was happy.

***This fairytale is not be continued another day***

If only my life could be like this fairytale!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I learned in class today that connecting with another human being is what an individual craves.
The connection is important.
Humans can measure so many things, but it is the immeasurable which keeps our minds going.
It keeps us wanting more and wondering what is next.

An important key to all of this is trust
Trust in who we are
Trust in who we know
Trust in what we want from life
Trust in the world that surrounds us.

What happens though when trust is not there?
What happens when the one you trust does not trust you?
Where does this lead you?
Where are you going?

Gaining someone's trust is not an easy task
yet it is an important one.

Do you trust me?
Will you trust me?
How will our relationship be without trust?
Where can we go from here?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Knowing the past

I am back in school and the first two professors I have had so far asked the same question. They asked us to name our great grandparents. I found it very interesting that both professors asked this and that only a few number of people in the class could answer. I was one of the many who could not. They are our flesh and blood, the reason we are here, and yet they are forgotten. I have some memories of one of my great grandmothers, yet I cannot recall her name. How terribly sad.

Why is it that we do not research our family history more? Why do we not explore further why we are here and who the people are that lead to our creation. Why do we just keep pressing on never looking that far back?

Life is brimming with so many things. So many incomprehensible things. So much information. There is just so much out there. I am not sure as humans we are able to take it all in and make sense of everything. We must pick and choose what we feel is important. Possibly our fear of dying and non existence doesn't want to take us to the past. We want to keep pressing on so that we are taken further ahead instead of further behind.

However maybe the key to who we are lies within those people. Maybe they hold a piece of the puzzle. They are part of the line of how I got here, isn't that important enough. Possible I need to explore these people further, take the time to get to know them, and maybe then I will learn a lot more about me. Not only through them but through the people who will share the stories of them. It may be time to explore my family tree.

They key to the future is hidden in the past.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fabulous words

I am in search of inspiring, fabulous, wonderful words. I am not looking for quotes but rather single words that spark a chord in your heart. Some on my list so far are:


My brain is stumped. For some reason I cannot come up with the words which I really desire on my list. I need help finding them. What are some of your favorite words? Maybe they are the words I have been looking for. I can feel the words in my heart but am not sure what they are. Please help!!!

I really need to get my traveling journal in motion. My aunt asked me about it today, which makes me excited but also upset that I have not executed the idea yet. The idea is there I just need to execute it as brilliantly as I see it in my head. I want it to come out fabulous, which I know in the end it will. I really need to put together the journal and come up with what I want to contribute. I was thinking of a poem, possible some painting, or a collage. Hopefully inspiration will pour down into my head as heavy as the rain has fallen today.