Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Para Siempre

Longing for that feeling of connection which once was there. Before the hurt, before the pain, before the bruises. Longing for the feeling of happiness and the sound of laughter which always followed our path. We were something special. Two strangers happy together. Now we know one another and here we are lonely. Lonely with each other because the other has put up a wall. Lonely despite what we show the world. How do they not see our facade? How do they not feel our pain?

I miss hearing the laughter
I miss the smell which came along with us being with one another
I miss seeing your smile
I miss the taste of your kiss on my lips
I miss the touch of your smooth feet against mine at night as we lie in bed with one another

Juntos para siempre!
Remember when that was painted on a plate?
Remember the day we came together?

Now here we are under the same roof yet worlds apart from one another.
I want you back.
I want you hear with me.
I want US!!!
I want us to last para siempre!!!

Para siempre!!
With love
With passion
With happiness
With smiles
Para siempre!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Summer is here and the sun in shining brightly.
To me nothing is more wonderful then spending time outdoors.
What a better way to start off my summer than with
a water gun fight,
a long bicycle ride,
and enjoying ice cream outside at night.
Oh the sweet days of summer.

Christian and I went to ride our bicycles in the park last night, it was just fabulous. There were so many people outside enjoying the warm weather. What a better way to spend a warm night than outside. :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I hope this is not a dream

Have you ever woke up and felt like the life you were living was a dream?
You look next to you and their is the love of your life,
the person who makes you smile,
the person you laugh with,
and the person who you really enjoy spending your time with.
The sheets on the bed feel so nice on your skin,
It is not every day they feel this way.
You take a look around your bedroom and the colors look beautiful next to one another
Then you walk out of your bedroom and see the rest of your home.
You have all of this. All of this is yours.
Who ever would have thought that I would be living the life I am now.
I am so happy.
If it is a dream I do not want to wake up for a very long time.

Friday, June 02, 2006


The warm air sweeps across my face
The sun brilliantly hits my cheeks
My toes curl up underneath the fresh grass

Summer is here

Time to be carefree
Ride bycycles
Play games
and take lots of pictures

Time to enjoy this beautiful thing called life!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Here I am holding my heart in my hands just waiting for you to belive
If I could bring the stars out of the sky I would give them right to you

I am standing here waiting
Standing here praying
Standing here feeling the pain that
You can not see how I feel for you

You keep walking by
You do not notice the tear in my eye
You do not notice my heart waiting for you

I give you my heart
It is in your hands now
Do you feel it beating with love for you?

Have your eyes been clouded?
Do you see me?
Do you hear me?
Can you feel my touch?

I am giving you all of me
The choice is yours to make
Do you love me?
Can you not live without me?
Can you simply walk away?

The choice is in your hands right next to my heart

Tu eres mi religion