Sunday, March 30, 2008

Don't You Remember What Your Mother Taught You?

I never gave much thought to it.
I always felt it was wrong trying to push "our" ways, "our" beliefs onto individuals who have a different way of thinking.  
Just because we do something does not make it right.

Didn't your Mom teach you that growing up?  
But we persist.  
Pushing and pushing, bullying them on.  
Waving guns in their faces and killing them if they don't cooperate.

But don't you remember what your Mom said growing up?  
Treat others how you want to be treated.
We were taught to fight for what we believe in.  
Do we really believe in this?
Why should they give in to "us?'
Who do we think we are anyway?

We are sacrificing our own; 
4,000 of our own and for what?
Tell me, for what?  I do not understand.
Our sons, daughters, friends, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, true loves, going off and never returning.  
How do we even believe this is ok?

Not everyone think's the way we do, not everyone has to.  
Didn't your Mom teach you individuality?
Growing up, growing into your own person.  
Not following the crowd.

Why do we not allow them to be who they are?
Why are we so corrupt?

I do not follow it.  I do not really know all the details.  
I am not even sure I want to.  It saddens my heart, makes me want to cry, and makes me think of all the lessons we forgot that our Mothers taught us.  

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I dream...

I dream of  a place where children can come and feel safe enough to be themselves.
I dream of exploring, taking trips, getting dirty in nature, and enjoying what surrounds us.
I dream of raising self esteem, ingraining an awareness for the environment, and respecting others.
I dream of story telling, listening to ideas, creating dreams and watching them unfold before our very eyes.
I dream of laughter, smiles, and lots of hugs.
I dream of place that children look forward to coming to and parents feel safe sending there children.
I dream of a place where we take the time to know one another and embrace our differences.
I dream of painting, singing, dancing, and doing whatever sparks our interest.
I dream of an enchanted place where children grow, are nourished with love and support, and connect to each other and the world which surrounds them.

And like the picture says... "Anything's Possible"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I admire you...

Look at you up there, speaking so eloquently.  So calm, never skipping a beat.  You have a great ability to speak in front of a crowd, do complex math equations in your head, and connect with total strangers while evoked in conversation.   You are strong, smart, funny, and kind.  

I always looked up to you, and always will.  You taught me how to catch a baseball and learn math...even if it took hours.  You work hard and instilled that within me.  You never give up, you follow through.  You are strong and totally gentle.  Your smile lights a room and your laugh is contagious.  You taught me respect, kindness, and how to be a better person.  You have helped me to grow and are always there if I need you.  

Over the years I have put you through a lot, but there you are still smiling and still loving me.  You are my hero, someone I deeply admire.  Thank you for being you and sharing that with me.  
I love you!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I have returned

I have returned from my little hiatus of no television, no reading, and computer.  I have missed this blog community but I was also able to clear my head, clean out my closet, enjoy a wonderful night out with Christian, and a family dinner filled with laughs.  So it was a wonderful time away.  

Normally in the mornings I will watch NBC and be so unproductive.  However this past week I was able to clear my head, write, and enjoy a nice breakfast.  It is nice to not have others thoughts swirl around my brain.  I was able to be more creative and I felt more peaceful.  

Possibly a week away is necessary each month even if I don't leave my own apartment.  

Monday, March 03, 2008

A little Vacation

I am taking a little trip,
I just need to go away for awhile,
However, I won't be going anywhere.

I just need to get the jumble out of my head,
I need to fill my brain with original ideas and thoughts,
I will only be gone a short while.

Right now my head is swirling,
The noise from the tv is not allowing me to think,
I need to step away from it all.

I will miss reading,
But hopefully I will do more writing.

I will miss movies,
But hopefully I will take more photos.

I will miss hiding myself behind a book on my lunch break,
But hopefully I will talk to more strangers,
and encounter more interesting things.

I will miss you,
and a piece of me hopes that you will miss me too.
I won't be gone long.

I wish you fun adventures while I am gone!