Monday, March 03, 2008

A little Vacation

I am taking a little trip,
I just need to go away for awhile,
However, I won't be going anywhere.

I just need to get the jumble out of my head,
I need to fill my brain with original ideas and thoughts,
I will only be gone a short while.

Right now my head is swirling,
The noise from the tv is not allowing me to think,
I need to step away from it all.

I will miss reading,
But hopefully I will do more writing.

I will miss movies,
But hopefully I will take more photos.

I will miss hiding myself behind a book on my lunch break,
But hopefully I will talk to more strangers,
and encounter more interesting things.

I will miss you,
and a piece of me hopes that you will miss me too.
I won't be gone long.

I wish you fun adventures while I am gone!

1 comment:

Shirl said...

See you soon .... :0)