Monday, October 28, 2013

and then the moment came

And there it was
The moment you knew
That this life, yes this one
Was all yours
The choices that are to be made are yours alone
What others think does not matter
All that is of importance is your heart
Your happiness
And the love you share with others

So step into this bold beautiful world
Hold your heart in the palm of your hands
Seek out the adventure
Find the peaceful spots where you can dream
Have daring conversations with others
Invite those who are sacred enough into your heart space
And share your story
Live out loud
And never apologize for wanting to reach, grow, and be

Thursday, October 24, 2013

go in, deep

You have been telling yourself time and time again that you are a writer, artist, photographer. . .
You say it in your head
Whisper it, and even speak it out loud sometimes
But are you living it
Are you submerged in this life that you are claiming for yourself
Do not just speak it
Live it, breathe, be it
Jump so deeply in it so that it becomes the only way you know

Monday, October 14, 2013

showing up

When I was younger I ran track and cross country.  I tore Nike Ads out of magazines and hung them on my bedroom wall.  When I wanted to switch them out I would carefully peel them off the wall and tape them into a spiral notebook.  It was the beginning of my obsession with inspirational words and collage journaling.  I didn't even realize that until this moment.  I wish I still had that spiral notebook. I can still picture some of the ad's in my mind.

I have had a love / hate relationship with running.  On again, off again.  Getting talked into doing different runs then regretting actually saying yes.  My most recent dabble into running began because I go to the gym at work during lunch time.  In the winter it is great . . . gets me away from my desk for a bit.  But when the warm weather hit I longed to be outside.  So I put on my sneakers, grabbed my headphones, and headed outside for a run.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

But beginning wasn't easy.  While I was running on constant replay in my mind was "I want to stop, I want to stop, I want to stop."  No matter how loud I turned up my music that soundtrack played on repeat.  But the warm sunshine and the fresh air kept bringing me back outside day after day.  Thank goodness for my obsession with sunshine.  It feels great to break up my day with a run and then head back inside to work.  I feel refreshed, and alive.

When I first started running again I wasn't as strong as I am now physically and mentally.  It took work and showing up day after day, even when I didn't want to show up.  Each step I take makes me stronger.  My mind hasn't played the "I want to stop" song in awhile, and that feels good.  To me running is a mind game.  Physically I can do it, but mentally I must work hard to get it done.

After I run I snap a photo to remind me that I can do it.  I can show up.  I can take the first step.  I can make it.  And I know that I will continue to get stronger.  But I must show up.

Where are you showing up these days?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

giggles from the couch

I am back with another edition of giggles from the couch.  Join me as I talk about showing up and using your voice.  

I would love to hear how you use your voice.  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

choosing your journey

Standing in the light
Soaking in the all the goodness that is washing over me
Feeling stronger than I have in a long time
This strength is coming from within
From trial and error
Falling down, and learning how to get back up
Leaning into the sunshine
Navigating my own path
Not following the lead others are taking
It is not always easy
But it is my journey
The one I choose to take

What journey are you choosing to take?

Monday, October 07, 2013


Leaning into trust
Trusting the process
The unknown outcome and built up expectations
Trusting that it will all work out, just as it should

Trusting the whisper that is telling me to keep stepping forward
Using my voice, embracing my dreams
Reaching, growing, shining

This word has been playing on repeat in my head
Trust, trust, trust

I am navigating this terrain of handing it over to the universe
Letting what may be, be
Loosing the grip
And enjoying the ride

Things are on unsteady ground
And we have no control over it
All we can do is show
And trust

Saturday, October 05, 2013

be open

You want to control it
You want to put reign it all in, align it perfectly into place
You want to know what the next step is gong to be

But here's the thing
It's not really up to you
You can make the most perfect plans
And they may crumble and fall apart
You may have to take a completely different path

But that is ok
This new course may lead you right where you need to go
You never know
And if you go kicking and screaming
You will not be able to enjoy it

So loosen your grips
Open your arms wide
Embrace what is coming your way
Walk into it
And be fluid in how you approach this change

This may end up being the best thing that has ever happened to you
You never know until you step into it
Step, one foot in front of the other
And keep on walking
Soaking in all that is unfolding