Thursday, October 24, 2013

go in, deep

You have been telling yourself time and time again that you are a writer, artist, photographer. . .
You say it in your head
Whisper it, and even speak it out loud sometimes
But are you living it
Are you submerged in this life that you are claiming for yourself
Do not just speak it
Live it, breathe, be it
Jump so deeply in it so that it becomes the only way you know


Tessa said...

Beautiful words...

Beautiful photo...

Thank you.


Roban said...

I love the perspective of your photograph, and your poem speaks volumes to me. I have an office space where I blog and create lesson plans. I've yet to call it my studio. Perhaps it's because I don't recognize myself as an artist yet, or perhaps it's because the lighting is better downstairs, so that's where I create art.

So, in answer to your question, "but are you living it..." I'm trying to, between those lesson plans and grading papers. I'm trying!

beth said...

thank you....thank you for this.....xo