Tuesday, July 22, 2008


In the distance it is there,
but I can't feel it
I can't see it
I don't even know what it is like anymore

Does it really exist?
Will I ever experience it again?

I am hurting,
Feeling terrible horrible feelings
They are washing over me as tears soak my shirt.

How did I end up on this dark road?
Why do I feel so trapped?

Will a light shine through the darkness?
Or will I be left to my own demise?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Here, Now What?

Here I am,
Now what?
What am I doing here?
How did I even get here?
Do I belong here?

Sometimes I am not so sure
I shy away from myself, 
get nervous to stand tall
I put myself down.

That needs to stop, 
right here
right now

What do you have to say about that?
I tried to give you my heart.
I tried to show you who I was

You disappeared
You backed down
You are no longer around.

Yes I would love to have you here,
but it doesn't seem like you care much for that.

So I choose myself.
I choose to save the only thing I know how to save
I choose me.
You might have not, but I did.  

Don't feel bad for me
Don't look down on me with those disapproving eyes
I need to take care of myself
I need to lift my head up,
look into the sky and reach for the stars

It's a shame it never worked
It's a shame you ran 
But here I am,
firm in the soil, planting my feet in the ground

I traveled an immense distance for you
I placed my heart in the palm of my hands ready to give it to you
Maybe I made it to easy, maybe I was to fragile for you.

Yes I am a "flower loving artist" as you say
Who does need someone pretty "unique to keep me grounded"
But I'm not worried about that now
I have my head on my shoulders, 
I am feeding my heart and nourishing my soul.

I am Here!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


The skies are parting
Things are getting just a little bit more clear
I hope happiness is in my stars at night.