Thursday, February 22, 2007

A gentle shift

Thinking about life....about positive thinking...about believing you can do anything.
Thinking about wanting to do something....
and then just doing it....
like going for daily walks, enjoying life, taking more photos, creating more art.
What am I doing instead?
I always feel so busy....what is taking up my time?

I want:
*to go for walks at least twice to three times a week
*to stretch daily, I really want to work on my flexibility
*to create more art--be more creative in my life
*to spend more quailty time with the ones I love: talking, laughing, playing games
*to be more active
*to spend more time outdoors. (This is really hard to do in the winter, but spring is right around the corner)

Those are six simple things that I want in my life right now. And I am going to do them. I am going to accomplish all of them....and I am going to feel so much better about myself for actually doing what I want and for actually surrounding my life with what it needs. I am going to nourish my inner soul!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Finally a photo!

Well since getting my computer back this is the first photo of Christian and I together. Today we went to the Reservation to take some photos for my photo class. It was a lot of fun. Cold out but fun. It really helped to cheer up my otherwise cranky mood which for some reason has plagued me the past couple of days. Maybe it is the bitter cold! However I have noticed that the days are staying brighter a little bit longer :) Now that really puts a smile on my face.

P.s....I might be going to Mexico :)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

No photos...No music...nothing!

Well I lost my hard drive.
It got tired...was sick of working for me...just did not want to stay any longer.
And off it went.

My computer was returned with nothing
No photos
No music
No links on the internet


What a sad day.
So many wonderful, beautiful if they were never takne :(

So many wonderful songs which I can never seem to remember the titles to, gone as well

Good bye old will now only be a memory in my mind, and I cannot promise you how long they will stay, however I will do my best

Hello newness....
It is kinda nice to have a fresh start with my computer,
I can organize things better, keep things arrange easier....

I just wish I had what was gone saved somewhere....

So for now a moment of silence for the past and for the future of what is to come. May the past be remembered with happiness and may the future be filled with wonderful, magical things!!