Sunday, December 30, 2012

coming to a close

I sit here in this moment
Reminiscing through memories of the past year
Moments created
Trips taken
Adventures right around the corner

There was growth
Wings spread
Soaring higher than I even imagined
I learned how to fly, all on my own

I am grateful for my photographs
They tell the tales of where I have been
What I have encountered
What I triumphed over
And what filled my heart with love

Moments with friends
Deep conversations
Brainstorming ideas
Love, light, laughter
Sitting by the fire, appreciating the beauty of the moment

Years seem to go by with the blink of an eye
The warm sun soothes my skin
And then before I know
The cold days of december rush in
Another year under my belt

Bidding farewell to a year is bittersweet
Happy for the time and the space to create
Grateful to have been here to witness it all
Sad it is coming to a close and a new year begins
A fresh start, a clean slate, a new chance to get it right

I am looking forward to 2013
Excited about new adventures
Getting my act together
Creating the life of my dreams, each and every day
And soaking in the beauty around me

What has moved you in 2012?
What are you looking forward to in 2013?
I would love to hear all about it.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

winter days

The cold days of winter have us hunkering down
Staying inside where it is cozy and warm
Twinkle lights on
Music playing
Hearts singing
Feet dancing
Cuddling up close
Sharing stories
Be together with one another
Simple times create beautiful days

What gets you by in the winter?

Monday, December 24, 2012


For the family I have
The laughter
The love
All of it swirling when we are together

For the moments
Gathered around the table
Telling stories
Being with one another

At the strength
The beauty
The wisdom
That is in each of us

Looking forward to
More time together
Laughing until I cry
Memories created
Love swirling

Wishing each of you a very happy holiday season and a beautiful end to this year
Lets dive into 2013 with our hearts open and love spilling out


Thursday, December 20, 2012

you matter

In this very moment
Reach out to someone you love
Let them know how much they mean to you
Hold there hand
Give them a hug
Be right there with them
Soak each other in

Know that you are deeply loved
The world needs to see your sparkle and your shine
You provide light to everyone around you
You are a guide for others
You are needed here in this world
And you matter
You are beautiful

Believe in yourself
Believe in who you are
Know that you possess the power to make positive change
You bring smiles to peoples faces
And laughter deep into others hearts
You showing up each day
Is important, so very important

Celebrate each other
Give thanks
High fives
Show gratitude
Have fun
Enjoy this extremely precious life

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

free ebook - your heART makes a difference

The free ebook from your heART makes a difference has arrived and it is packed with 40 pages of inspiring words and images from some amazing folks including:

Lori Portka, Louise Gale, Thomas Dunleavy, Tracy Verdugo, Devi Kirin Kaur, Liv Lane, Kelly Barton, Danielle Daniel, Regina Lord, Cathy Kirwan, Diane Gallatly, and me. 

You can download your free copy by clicking on the folder icon underneath the book when you are on the website.  You can keep the interactive pdf forever. 

I hope you enjoy it. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

your heART makes a difference

Free ebook to celebrate one year - your heart makes a difference, gratitude, kindness, selfcare, love, creativity, forgiveness

Something very speical is arriving tomorrow on 12-12-12 to celebraete the one year anniversary of your heART makes a difference.  It is a free e-book featuring some inspiring stories from some of the 2012 contributors (including me), a welcome note from Louise, resources to help you radiate your energy, and free artwork to download.  It is going to be so good and we hope that you love it just as much as we do. Check back in tomorrow for the link.   

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to share my words over there each month.  The site is jam packed with so many inspiring individuals including one of my dear friends Kelly Barton.  Hop on over to check it out.   

Sunday, December 09, 2012

grateful, so grateful for my brothers


It can be so easy to get upset over words said
Comments made
But the truth is
I love these guys
They are my world
They make me laugh that side splitting kind of laughter
And no matter where we stand
No matter what was said
If they called me in the middle of the night and needed something
I am there, wherever there is
We grew up together
They teased me mercilessly
But they also had my back
They stood with me in the kitchen in the middle of the night
Telling me they loved me, and that they were glad I was home
They worked along side me
And let me tag along at Yankees Games
They are my brothers
And they are amazing
I adore who they are
And who they have grown into
They are strong, compassionate, and loving
And they all have an amazing sense of humor
When I am around them I am always laughing
I am lucky to have them in my life
And so incredibly grateful
We may not always agree
There may be moments where we don't understand one another
But we are always there for each other
And we know that
We are family, and always will be
And we are so happy for that
I am so grateful for each of them
And all that they bring to my life

Thursday, December 06, 2012

beautiful YOU

squam lake
photo by Thea Coughlin

Do you struggle to stand in your light
To see your true beauty
Accept and acknowledge what it is you are truly awesome at

Do you fight your way through the every day
Not going with what is easy
Making it harder than it has to be

Do you say yes
When what you really want to say is no
Your response wearing quickly on your soul

Do you battle with your inner critique
Every single day
Their voices shattering your hopes and dreams

Today is the day to begin fresh
Wipe the slate clean
Stand tall in all you are

Today is the day you listen to your heart
Go with what is truly calling you
Accept the easy path, for that is the path of your soul

Today is the day you say yes
Only to what you really want to do
And quickly say no to what will wear you down

Today is the day you believe in yourself
Acknowledge your strength, courage, and beauty
And really let it sink deep into your heart

What comes easy to you are your strengths
Do not fight them
Dive deep into them

You are uniquely you
No one does things the way you do
Believe in yourself

See yourself the way others see you
Look through the lens of their eyes
Allow your heart to open to what is true

You bring so much to this world
You shine a brilliant LIGHT

~~ Share here with all of us what makes you, YOU~~
In this space we will encourage and support the beautiful light you shine

It can be difficult to see yourself the way others do.  But when we take a step back, let a friend reflect it back to us it can be the most precious gift of all.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

slowing down

Forced to slow down
Take a step back
Sit, and just breathe
Allow this moment to be

I am constantly on the go
From here to there
Always moving
Rarely taking a moment of stillness

But here I sit
Feet up, heart open
Soaking it all in

Learning that I need to listen
To my heart
My body
My mind

Learning to rest
Not try to get it all done
Allow space
Let time pass

Breathe deeply
Heart expanding
Hopes and dreams filling my head
As I stand back on my own two feet