Thursday, December 06, 2012

beautiful YOU

squam lake
photo by Thea Coughlin

Do you struggle to stand in your light
To see your true beauty
Accept and acknowledge what it is you are truly awesome at

Do you fight your way through the every day
Not going with what is easy
Making it harder than it has to be

Do you say yes
When what you really want to say is no
Your response wearing quickly on your soul

Do you battle with your inner critique
Every single day
Their voices shattering your hopes and dreams

Today is the day to begin fresh
Wipe the slate clean
Stand tall in all you are

Today is the day you listen to your heart
Go with what is truly calling you
Accept the easy path, for that is the path of your soul

Today is the day you say yes
Only to what you really want to do
And quickly say no to what will wear you down

Today is the day you believe in yourself
Acknowledge your strength, courage, and beauty
And really let it sink deep into your heart

What comes easy to you are your strengths
Do not fight them
Dive deep into them

You are uniquely you
No one does things the way you do
Believe in yourself

See yourself the way others see you
Look through the lens of their eyes
Allow your heart to open to what is true

You bring so much to this world
You shine a brilliant LIGHT

~~ Share here with all of us what makes you, YOU~~
In this space we will encourage and support the beautiful light you shine

It can be difficult to see yourself the way others do.  But when we take a step back, let a friend reflect it back to us it can be the most precious gift of all.


Gonzalo Valdez Salas said...

Thank you for this post......this is my everyday battle. I am learning how to see the "good" me, the one people arround me claim to see! It is a hard battle when all your life you have heard the opposite! Also we are are worst critics... We should learn to be our best friend.

Heidi Reinhardt said...

Needed this today! You're awesome! xo

michelle gd said...

oh...this is such a fantastic it!
{i'm working on what makes me ME :) }

Jenny said...

Wow did I ever need to read this today. I am struggling to develop a business plan and more specifically a mission statement that reflects the new artistic direction in my life. This is the path I KNOW I am supposed to take, but boy am I fighting it. It is like there is a cranky me deep within, pointing her finger and scrunching her face and continually listing all the reasons I should quit. Your words of encouragement cheer me on. Thank you so much!

Kathryn said...

I love this post . . . thanks for casting such a postive light to bathe in. I'm off to dive into my strengths.

Saskia said...

I am so going to follow you... Thank you for being you and sharing your thoughts, and thanks to everyone else who commented. You make feel like I am not alone, but part of a wonderful community!

K8 said...

beautiful words..and beautiful photo of you. :)