Monday, March 10, 2008

I have returned

I have returned from my little hiatus of no television, no reading, and computer.  I have missed this blog community but I was also able to clear my head, clean out my closet, enjoy a wonderful night out with Christian, and a family dinner filled with laughs.  So it was a wonderful time away.  

Normally in the mornings I will watch NBC and be so unproductive.  However this past week I was able to clear my head, write, and enjoy a nice breakfast.  It is nice to not have others thoughts swirl around my brain.  I was able to be more creative and I felt more peaceful.  

Possibly a week away is necessary each month even if I don't leave my own apartment.  


Kelly said...

I think taking breaks from our routines are always good to open up our creativity, that can blocked in day-to-day life. So glad you enjoyed your time "unplugged"

Marilyn said...

A couple of weeks ago I took a 'media fast' on a Sunday and it did me wonders! I think unplugging electronically from time to time is essential. :)