Wednesday, August 31, 2011

moving free from the past

Isn't it amazing when we first lose something we are devestated
We feel like we can not go on without it
But time moves us forward
And slowly we let go of the pain
We free ourselve from the loss
And we move on
We forget that we were ever missing anything at all
We forget what life was like when we had it
Because we have gone on and created new memories
Filled our hearts with new love
In life things are constantly changing
Never staying the same forever
At times this can be troubling to our hearts
But it is really a beautiful thing
It allows us to embrace each day
The small treasures
The moments
Everything coming in to fill up our wells
And shape our journey


Katie said...

This is just what I needed today. :0)

Mindy Lacefield said...

yes, such a beautiful reminder of staying in the present. this is something i've struggled with but this creative journey is making it so much easier. so love you dear friend!