Sunday, August 28, 2011

opening up to each other

You have crossed over into my world
A stranger before
Now slowly making your way in
I created space for you
Opening up
Sharing pieces of my story with you
It is beautiful to watch you do the same
To learn about who you are
Where you come from
What makes your heart move
No one knows what the future will hold
So I keep these moments close
Embracing each one
Grateful that our paths have crossed
And shined light upon both of us


Dyche Designs said...

So beautiful, I know exactly what you mean.

Kristine said...

I can relate to this post ~ I have truly found my soulmate and it took me sometime to find him ... Opening up ... Embracing these times ... Wonderful Post!

Anonymous said...

I could not have found more appropriate words to describe the situation I am in. Live for today and embrace each moment as if were your last. I am amazed at the strong forces that bring people together. The most wonderful things happen when you least expect them.... Thank you. I am a big fan of you and your work.