Tuesday, August 09, 2011

what I would want you to know

If you were here
Sitting beside me
This is what I would want you to know
This is what I would tell you
This is what I would hope you would understand
And be able to truly feel and believe

You are amazing
You are doing a lot in this world
Even when you feel like you aren't
I wish I could open your eyes to see the impact you have
On all that is surrounding you

Your smile is contagious
You are friendly

And you work really hard
I know you do
So what if it is not your dream job
And it isn't what you thought you would be doing

And so what if it is serving people drinks
Or bringing them their food
You are doing something for another
You are putting yourself out there
And you are not doing it haphazardly

You are doing it well and with pride
And it doesn't matter what you are doing
What matters is that you are doing it with pride
That is what is important

You show up and you care
Everyone around you can see that

I know it is a struggle for you to be where you are
It is a struggle to think that you haven't accomplished anything
Or that you haven't gotten anywhere
But really you have

You need to take that measuring stick of yours
And you need to adjust it
Because you need to see that you really have come far
And the most important thing is that your happy
That the world is feeding your soul
That you are just out there living each day
Embracing what comes before you

Because there is going to be one day
When there is not going to be another day after it
And you don't want to have the regret that you didn't take the chance
You didn't say what you wanted to say
You didn't just go out there and do it
And you don't want to be miserable throughout your entire ride here

Nobody wants to see you miserable on your entire journey
You have the personality that you won't let that happen
And you have the personality that you will succeed

Realize how strong you are
How much you do
How brave and amazing
Kind and caring you are

Realize you are going to get ahead
You are going to make it
You are going to be someone you are proud of
But know that you should really be proud of that person now
Because you are incredible
But if you are struggling with that
Know that the day will come
There will be a moment in time when you will be able to step back and say
"Man, I am awesome"

And when you speak those words
I want you to speak them directly from your gut and from your soul
And I want you to feel them truly, honestly feel them
Because you are someone pretty awesome
And you deserve to be happy
You deserve to accomplish any goal you set your mind to

Just keep putting yourself out there
Keep stepping forward
Continue to not worrying about what other people are doing
Or allowing other peoples expectations to creep in
Forget about others peoples ideas for what you should be doing

Realize that you
Exactly as you are
Is exactly where you should be

You are well respected
You are loved
You are an incredible human being


rachel awes said...

i love this place

Lisa G. (Happy Mama) said...

I love your soulful words. They are so pure and true.

I'm sending you a great big hug, friend, and looking forward with much joy to the time (SOON!) when we can have our creative sister dates and I can witness your awesomeness in person. Oh yeeaaaaaaah!

Love you,

Kolleen said...

yes. you. are.

i love you ... i love your words ... once again, your wise words speak so clearly.


kelly barton said...

well done. well done.

marilyn said...


Mindy Lacefield said...

speak it girl! its so true. love you!

Gloria said...

ok so do i have your permission to print this out...I love your words thats how i feel when I run..i love you..G