Monday, August 15, 2011


We are all traveling somewhere
Headed in a direction
Even when we do not realize it
The world keeps turning
We keep spinning
Never sure of where we are going to end up
Even when we plan where that will be
A bend in the road appears
A new path is taken
Completely out of our control
The best that we can do is to roll with it
Accept what comes
And keep pushing forward
Life will always continue to go on
Whether you are ready for it or not
So try your best to embrace the hiccups
Let the rough times travel through you
Do not cling to them
And let them weigh you down
Let go
Be open
Feel free as you travel
The journey is beautiful
Open your eyes to see it


yogiknitgirl said...

Sheer loveliness! Life is such a journey and you said it all so well, especially since this is my birthday week! We tend to contemplate our lives more closely as another birthday approaches. Good words of wisdom for my own personal life! Especially the last section . . . let go and be open! The journey is indeed beautiful my sweet friend in life.

Lisa G. (Happy Mama) said...

Yes yes yes! Right on sister.

kelly barton said...

good morning chickadee.
can i just say how much i love
seeing your words here.

i really really do.

Anonymous said...

there is always at least one sentence that just sends me to that state of awe ~

"Let the rough times travel through you"

beautiful ♥

marilyn said...

yes! the state of awe... you are awesome. always with the right words. love you jen. just love you.

elizabeth said...

"Let the rough times travel through you"

Yes. I am learning. :)

patty said...

"roll with it" and "embrace the hiccups". wise, wise words my lovely friend. (i need to find a way to impart this wisdom to my hospice patient who is having such a rough time of it.)