Monday, August 08, 2011

your story

Lately I have struggled to put words onto the page
Maybe I was avoiding showing up
Maybe I was to busy
Maybe I wasn't ready to face something
There are many maybes that can be put down
But one thing I know for sure
Is that I stopped telling my story

I kept putting one foot in front of the other
Moving, but never really advancing
Blindly jumping from one thing to the next
Keeping my story inside
Under lock and key

I felt more lost than ever
All jumbled up and tangled in these vines of containment
The freedom that comes with putting myself out there
Was buried deep inside me
The clarity that comes from connection when you tell your story
Was non existent

I felt as if I had been dropped onto the floor
Shattered into many different pieces
And totally unsure of how to put myself back together again

My story
The pieces that make up me
Not my job, where I live, what I drive
But my truth
Needs to be shared

It is important for each of us to show up
Tell our stories
Really allow others in
And embrace the moment

Each of our stories
Is vital to the ebb and flow of this world
And it needs to be told

How are you telling your story?

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