Friday, September 16, 2011


Life is a constant flow of individuals
Floating in and out of our lives
Some fall deep into our every day
Seeing us through thedarkness
Nudging us along as we face challenges
Holding our hand and laughing with us

Others stay only for a brief moment in time
Flying in right when we seem to need to them
They dig deep into our heart
And we are never the same
Even after they float away
The mark they left on us reminds us of their beauty

It does not matter how long an individual was in your life
What matters is the connection that you shared when you were together
The memories you created
The secrets you whispered
The skin you shed to show your true self
Theses connections push us a little father
Help us to grow a litte bit more
And bravely we can spread our wings and fly

1 comment:

beth said...

this is beautiful and fits perfectly for someone i've thinking about....xo