Saturday, September 17, 2011

the magic

There is magic in the air
And this time of year always brings me back to 2008
The year that my life changed courses forever
The year my eyes were opened up to a whole new world
And my heart was opened up to a whole new kind of love
Magic, swirling around
Enveloping me with hope
Nudging me forward
And kindly encouraging me to step deeply into myself
The woods was a safe haven for me
To show up, as I was
Not all put together
Scattered, bruised, and unsure of the path I was traveling
The woods accepted all of me.
There was magic pulling me in
And it held me gently
Each year at this time my mind travels back
To the paths I walked
The smiles from strangers
The kindness in the eyes of those I just met
New friendships were forming
A new understanding of me was taking shape
At the time I had no idea that those woods would change my life forever
I had no idea the power that magic held in this life
But it does
And I am living proof
I was once afraid of the world
And now I stand fearlessly in front of it
Embracing all that comes my way
And those friendships that were formed under the stars
They help to guide me on my path
And remind me of what lies deep within me
I am forever grateful for the magic that the woods held
How it enveloped me with safety
And opened my eyes to a loving way of living


Kolleen said...

so happy you went to those woods!!!

your experience there ... helped me get through my first 24 hours!

love you so much

kelly barton said...

hard to believe it was 2008.
and when i think back - the
woods wrapped me up in a
woobie too. and gave me you.

Gail Stoughton said...

what a wonderful poem. what a wonderful art sister. We need to organzie an art get together with Amy and others you may now of locally. love ya!