Sunday, October 30, 2011

Your heart makes a difference

Your heART makes a difference
It opens people up
Lets them know they are not alone
Brings out smiles
And knowing tears
What you create is important
It comes from your heart
And needs to be shared with the world

I am so honored to let you know
That I will be sharing pieces of my heART
Over here at
With other inspiring individuals
I would love for you to stop by
And join us
As we choose kindness
Practice self care
Be creative
Live with gratitude
and create from the heart


Louise Gale said...

Sooooo excited to have you be part of this Jennifer. It's going to be a wonderful time. Your words touch the heart so. AND I saw it's your birthday tomorrow too! YAY! Xx

Louise Gale said...

I meant on Nov 1st! and launch day too. YAY! (i'm already a day ahead of myself!) xxxx

Kolleen said...

heck yea baby!!!!

love it!


Kelly Warren said...

the title of your blog always makes me smile. :-)

Ella said...

Beautiful Jennifer! Keep putting your amazing voice out there~ xo