Sunday, October 16, 2011

I am grateful for...

*spending time with family
*phone conversation with a good friend
*true love
*short walks to feed the ducks
*soaking up fall
*moving my legs
*heading off for an adventure in a few short days
*time with friends
*capturing the world around me
*being let in to someone's world
*text message love


mindy lacefield said...

can't wait to see you and catch up wit all the goodness that's in your life right now. i'm so grateful for our friendship. love you!

beth said...

i think you are just filled with love right now, which is such an amazing thing to watch and feel.....xo

Lisa G. (Happy Mama) said...

love this list :) and love you!

yogiknitgirl said...

beautiful post and from the heart
I am grateful for our friendship and can't wait to see you this week . . . wow . . . this week!
you are definitely in a very happy place!
love you

Karen D said...


Unknown said...

i am grateful for you!

Ella said...

I am thankful for your words and you being you~ Great list xo

Kolleen said...

i am grateful for you lovebean!