Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I cherish....

* I cherish my studio apartment and the love and strength I feel when I am here
* I cherish giggling in the rain. It is a door that has lead me to so many wonderful and inspiring people
* I cherish my proximity to my family. Living so close allows us the opportunity to spend so much time together. It is lovely.
* I cherish art retreats and how much my world has grown because of them. Opening my eyes and heart up to so much love and support.
* I cherish that I live so close to mountains that I can hike in. Taking a walk through nature always opens my heart and clears my head.
* I cherish my bicycle. Giving me so much freedom and the opportunity to explore the world around me in fresh new ways.
* I cherish my friendships and the love and support we give one another. Nothing is more powerful than what an happen when we are kind to one another, cheer each other on, and support one another.
* I cherish my connection with writing. It heals me. Pushes me forward and allows me a place to show myself to the world.
* I cherish the sound of the ocean and the feel of sand beneath my toes. Nothing grounds me more than the ocean.
* I cherish kindness. It is what brings us together. Lifts us up. And propels us forward

~ what do you cherish?


Lisa G said...

I cherish art and creativity and their healing powers.

I cherish blogs (like this one, Jennifer)that pour inspiration and comfort into my life.

I cherish my hubs and sweet babies.

I cherish my health.

I cherish my friends, near and far.

And I cherish hope, and all that it holds within.

Happy Holidays!

Ellen aka Ella said...

I cherish so many of the things you mentioned, except I don't live near the mountains.

Family, Friends and Forward movement, I had been stuck in limbo.

I cherish blogging and all the wonderful friends I have met; Including you~xXx

Karen D said...

such a wonderful post on cherishing.

Gloria said...

I cherish that God is so cool that he brought someone as amazing and talented as you into my life...I love you G...

eydie said...

During our Hanukkah celebration last night, I told me daughter how grateful I am for her and my husband... for love and kindness ... the joy... the cuddles... the memories ... and the journey we share together. This life I have with them... is what I cherish.

patty said...

Dear Jennifer, I not only cherish the wonderful friends I have made in this last year, but I cherish all the wisdom and insights that they share and the ways in which they challenge me. And YOU are a big part of that. Keep on putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!)


Jane said...

I cherish so much in my life now even though the challenges are always there. I cherish love, friendships, faith and creativity.

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Jennifer, it sounds like an enchanted life to be cherished indeed:D Wishing we could meet up for a coffee and have a chat:D...have a great most fantastic day. XO Mandy