Thursday, December 02, 2010


It has taken time
In certain moments it felt like an eternity
I was not always standing tall
There were occasions when I had fallen to my knees
Tears soaking my cheeks
Feeling like I could not take one more step forward

But I did
I stepped forward
Slowly finding my footing
Learning with each progression ahead
Finding my own way

This does not mean that it is all sunshine and laughter
The constant ebb and flow of life is still there
It keeps me whole
Breathes energy into me
And teaches me to observe

But I do feel an inner peace
A sense of wholeness within
It begins with a smile deep in my soul
Letting me know that I am on the right path
Digging deep
Falling down
Getting back up
Traveling along life's path with my eyes wide open


chrissy said...

i think there are MANY of us who KNEW you had arrived before you even recognized your destination.
it IS a process
a journey
i saw you LAND in a most beautiful place months and months ago brave sister of mine.
oh how i love you!

Lisa G said...

Love this post.

kelly barton art + design said...

it has been such a journey i know,
but sitting here seeing you through
your steps has been amazing and chrissy
is so right, so many were watching
in wonderment - seeing you there, before
you - yourself noticed.

you are so loved chickadee and a gift
to those you love and meet.

happy friday! woot woot

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

This is so lovely. You must feel so raw but so impowered to be able to express yourself through words the way you do, wow...

stefanie renee said...

love to you sweet dear one!


tricia said...

i love this photo of you. you do look like you're at peace. it's been wonderful watching you on this journey. i remember being in awe of you in Manzanita, thinking you're so wise...we did see it before you did. i am glad you see it now. :)

Ellen aka Ella said...

You have a brave, beautiful spirit!
I love this photo of you, your inner light is shining, you look gorgeous!