Friday, December 17, 2010

sit next to me

Come sit next to me
Tell me what it is that is deep in your heart
Whisper to me those words you have been to scared say
I will listen to whatever it is you have to say

Giggle with me
And let the sun shine down on us
Come sit next to me
Share your dreams with me
Together lets explore them

I want to hear what you have to say
I want to see the look in your eyes while you speak
I want to be there for you
So come, sit next to me


chrissy said...

dearest girl....
this post made me cry.
it is SO you.
you are so deep and caring and open and present.
you are such a true friend.
i feel so blessed to call you that.

i am sitting next to you...can you feel me?


beth said...

you betcha....can it be by the ocean though :)
i listen better by the ocean.....

Jane said...

Lovely, warming words for this cold day :))

rachel awes said...

oh jennifer,
i just read your
story on kolleen's blog.
& now i am HERE.
sitting next to you.
following you.
already loving your presence
& amazed that
i didn't even know you
a minute ago.