Sunday, December 12, 2010

live wide open

    french town, nj

Live wide open
These words sounding in her ears
Playing on repeat to ensure it is etched into her soul
A thought she cannot seem to shake

Live wide open
She is not exactly sure what it means
How to do it or if it is even possible
But she knows she must try to figure it out

Live wide open
Granting all emotions and experiences to come
Leaning into them
Finding them and feeling them

Live wide open
Her heart knows this is the only way
Her mind knows that it will be tough
But she knows that must live wide open


Jane said...

beautiful words. sometimes I think I know what living wide open means and other times I forget. I think it all comes down to courage; courage to make the changes and leap of faith when we know that our souls are crying out to be heard and live authentically.

Happy Tuesday!

stefanierenee said...

beautiful words - you sure have a talent my dear!

Kolleen said...

i love this.

such truth in all of your words.
your writing always gets to me!!!

you are such a talent my friend!
an amazing writer!