Friday, December 24, 2010

warm wishes

Sending you many warm wishes during this holiday season

Hoping your hearts are filled with joy
Laughter is ringing in your ears
And that you are surrounded by those you love

Also sending out prayers and healing thoughts to those who could not be with us

Loving you all xoxox


Gloria said...

Merry Christmas my sweet friend ..I love you G

elizabeth said...

The same to you! Wishing you a wonderful holiday - full of joy and laughter and love.

beth said...

merry christmas sweet friend.....may 2011 hold special magic for you !!!

and maybe it will be the year we finally meet :)

Ellen aka Ella said...

Merry Christmas Jennifer! It has been a gift to get to know you and read your gracious words~xXx

rachel awes said...

warm wishes
to you too,
dear jennifer
of all that
is lovely
& stuns your heart
with amazement
& leaves you

patty said...

Oh my sweet friend, I know it was meant to be that our paths would cross.... and I have a feeling that they will cross again. Hoping it is sooner rather than later!! The very best and brightest of holiday wishes to you and to that lovely family you tell us about as well!!

Carissa said...

happy holidays and warm wishes of joy to you, jennifer! thanks so much for visiting me & your sweetness... 30 is gonna rock for you & me :)

i really enjoyed your "i'm better for it" story. thanks so much for sharing.

have a great week!

love + light,