Saturday, November 13, 2010

put yourself out there

You have to put yourself out there
Experience it
Joy and pain
Happiness and sadness

You have to put yourself out there
Show your beautiful face to the world
Let them see you dance
Let them see you sing

You have to put yourself out there
Be vulnerable and open
Share your stories
Let others in

You have to put yourself out there
Because it is the only way to open up that heart of yours
To feel
To live
To be


Karen D said...

I hear you and I am trying to do the same.. some days are easier than others..

Take good care,
Karen D

kellyb said...

i love you and that spirit of yourself. the gifts you share shine brite.

chrissy said...

i really needed this beautiful truth from you tonight dear scarf sister o mine.
oh how i love you sweet sunshine!

Kolleen said...

thank YOU.

i love you

Meghan said...

Just realized you are in the video on the Be Present Retreat page!! So fun to see you there. Great to meet you last week. Small, beautiful world! xo

Antoinette said...

Yes, you are right.

K8 said...

mmm... I like this. :)