Saturday, February 11, 2012

home with a full heart

We packed up our things
Left our heavy coats and took our flip flops
We boarded one plane and then another
And we finally took off

Landing in the warm sunshine
Blue waters surrounding us
Smiles across our faces
Laughter filling the air

We relaxed by the pool
Soaked in the sunshine
Shared stories
And laughed some more

Visitors stopped by to see what we were up to
We cheered for the Giants
Ate delicious food
Swam in the pool
And soaked up the view

It was a wonderful time away
My heart is filled with happiness
Grateful for moments like this
Where we soak up the beauty of life
Laugh until our sides hurt
And simply embrace each other


marilyn said...

best super smiles, sun-kissed faces, joy pouring through sparkling eyes happiness. you said yes! yes to opening, sharing, laughing, embracing. yes to happiness!!! yes yes yes.

write my research said...

Wow I am so glad to know that you are so so much happy in your homely life...It seems you have such a beautiful and relaxing time around the pools side which is really very good.. :)

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